The PURSE style: pain in the butt butt

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  1. Ello all,

    I'm considering getting the Purse. (Score!)

    But as I look at all these wonderful pictures of you ladies that have beat me to the punch...

    I wonder about how the handles sit on the shoulder. Do both the handles stay perfectly in place as you strut your stuff? Or does one annoying handle keep falling off every couple steps?

    Some Vuitton bags do this to me, and I hate it. :yucky:

    Being that I've never seen this style in person, I've got to know.
  2. I find that with any Balenciaga bag, I usually cross the straps slightly on my shoulder, and it stays on fine. It may just be my shoulders though!
  3. Hmmm....

    That could work.
  4. ^^^^

    I do the same thing! It does sit on my shoulder well, and I do love my Black Purse.

    Maybe FirstClass will post here...she is the Purse Queen:yes:
  5. I do the same thing :yes:
  6. I love the purse style, I do find that one strap usually falls off my shoulder but once I cross them over it's fine! I would recommend this style it's a very cute bag!
  7. I love the purse style! The handles are very roomy...
  8. When I owned a Purse, I never had any problems with one of the handles falling down. It's a great style and I sorely miss mine.
  9. Stop it! Stop it!

    Now I must have it!!!!

    See, my choice is between the Box and the Purse, cause the Twiggy is just weird to me when I use the strap. It becomes this wrinkled mess of a potsticker looking thing.

    So, I've found a color in the purse that I adore, but! The strap of the box appeals to me too.

    I wanna say that you ladies have been helpful, but you have NOT! Just making my choice more difficult! ;)

    Up until last night I was 51/49 for the Box.

    Oh dear...
  10. Well, whatever it is you decide, do let us know and in what color you're getting it... :smile:
  11. :roflmfao:

    spot on. ;)
  12. I love my Purses too, and the handles sit perfectly on my shoulder - none of that one-handle-falling-off the shoulder problem...
  13. love the purse...fits & sits perfectly on the shoulder.