The Purse Store??

  1. I tried doing a search but it's not working for me.

    Has anyone purchased from the Purse store? I was looking at the Goyard totes- they are under $200. can that be right???
  2. click this link: The Purse Store and yes they are an authentic store out of Baltimore-quite a nice place from what I hear.
    Judie, I did not see any Goyard bags listed-so I'm not sure that you were at the right store site.:smile:
  3. Whew! That's a relief. I looked for the Goyard and saw none so I also assumed (and hoped) it was a different site. I love the PurseStore. Great selections.
  4. I realize that now. I knew it was too good to be true. You have to search their FAQ in order to see they sell "mirror" items. I posted their exact quote on the Deals and Steals forum.
  5. I just wanted to ask about those who have dealt with this store and wonder how their customer service and your overall experience are...


    So - I did it - I finally took the plunge and ordered a HH Suki Bag at Hayden Harnett website - when my mom found out she loves the bag too but she wants it in saddle and asked me to order it for her...

    So yesterday I found a coupon at the deals and steals section for an additional 15% off at The Purse Store including sale items. So I went ahead and got a Hayden Harnett Suki bag in saddle for my mom - when I went through the process - they said the transaction was not approved because there was a problem with the billing address (and I know that can't be), I also know it is not a credit card problem, as I have already paid it off. So of course I would assume that nothing happened and nothing was charged to my card...

    Anyway - since it was not approved - my mom also changed her mind as well and went on to get something else (that's how she is haha).

    Today - I got an email from The Purse Store saying that there was a processing problem with my order but my credit card was charged! So they want me to tell them what I order so they can ship it out - I was like :wtf:???

    I replied to them asking that I now want to cancel the order because I have no use for it anymore. Do you think they would do it for me? I saw their return policy and because the item is on sale, the return policy is actually pretty strict, so I would rather cancel the order before they ship it out.

    The reason I am posting this so that I would know how I can deal with them in case there are any arguements. It really isn't an out of line request is it? I don't know why but I can never win when I request things from CS - I don't want to have to be out for 2 bags (although lovely ones) because I could have used that to buy something else!

    I know I am sort of jumping to conclusions for now - as I probably won't get any response until Tuesday - but I want to be prepared. Any advice would help me a lot.

    Thanks in Advance!:yes:
  6. I think given that they had a processing problem it was their fault. Besides they don't even know what you are trying to buy, how can they charge you for something when they won't be able to fill the order.......
    Just my thoughts.....
  7. Well - you actually don't want to cancel the order, per se, because as far as you knew, given what you've told us, there WAS no order. Which is why you moved on. And you've got the proof that they had a problem because they e-mailed you about it. Ta da! Call your credit card company TONIGHT to refuse the charge (assuming there's a 24-hour CS), so they'll be aware of it. If there's any argument with The Purse Store, just tell them there IS no argument, because you've already cancelled the charge on your end, thank-you-very-much. :smile:
  8. You know what? I actually called my CC company and they told me that there was a transaction but it was pending - and basically I can't dispute it until it is "recorded" -

    I am also worried whether they will just go ahead and ship my order because I actually told them what I ordered and I want it cancelled.... stupid me!

    I wonder if they will read the first paragraph "oh she orderd a HH Suki" and then just go ahead and ship the order. I can picture them doing that!

    I basically just don't want to have 2 of the same bags! As much as I love it!
  9. Well -- GMTA, you know. Send them another e-mail reminding them that you no longer want this order because you didn't think it went through so you purchased elsewhere -and- that you've already contacted your credit card company to make sure no charges go through (they won't know one way or the other right that second). Make sure to request a response that they've cancelled the order. You know, make it all legal-like. Maybe one of our budding attorneys can word it for you ...:wlae:
  10. Thanks for your help IndiaInk!

    I should leave them another message for sure!
  11. I never had a problem with an order going through, but given all the rave I heard about them, I can't imagine you getting a hard time about this. They're closed today, but you might hear back tomorrow (since most stores are now open for Memorial Day). You can try calling tomorrow morning.
  12. You are very welcome. Please post back how this turns out - if nothing else, it may show how excellent the CS is for The Purse Store. And worst case scenario - you can PM me regarding disposal of the Suki ... I probably should have that to round out my collection.:yes: