The Purse Store Further Reductions!

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    Our Blowout Sale just got better!
    Many already reduced items have been reduced further. Most bags & shoes are 50-70% off!

    We changed our return policy to better serve our customers and eliminate the risk when
    buying sale items. Most orders can be returned for a refund (not store credit).

    Save an extra 10% off all items with code extra10 prior to 6/28/07
  2. hey guys-can anyone share their experiences with them? Legit,good service,etc...? TIA
  3. I've bought several bags from them. Great folks, great customer service, and they know their merchandise.
  4. I have bought several things from them, fast confirmation and shipping (with tracking), and this is from The Purse Store's website: "The Purse Store only sells 100% authentic merchandise. Furthermore, The Purse Store is an authorized retailer of all the brands offered on this website." So if you're concerned about authenticity, you could confirm this information with the individual brand name.
  5. ..Oh, and so far, I've gotten everything I've ordered online the next day. Pretty daggone fast!
  6. Yes -- I've ordered from them a couple of times with great satisfaction! Does anyone know how the PURSE POINTS work? I'm sure I have some, but I don't know how to check or how to redeem.
  7. I didn't really have good experience with them:tdown:. When I asked them if I could order through phone, they refused..and insisted that I have to do it online.I talked to the store owner(a man), he told me he wants to keep those records so they don't do it through phone. So, I went online and attempted to place my order a few times, but since my credit card is from canada, so it says "not able to authorize it". A day after, I went to shopping at store, found out my card is overlimited, so I called up my bank see what's going on. Bank has told me..."the purse store" has held my credit for about 5000$ us:cursing:. I guess it was when I attempted to place my order, I tried to a few times. I have talked to purse store ppl, but they said they got nothing to do...with holding all my credits.
  8. Yikes! I'd get on my credit card company!:confused1:
  9. this is great - THX!!!
  10. Any other coupon codes for the purse store?
    I found toutie code, but it's expired! :sad:
  11. I got an email about an extra 10% off today for the Fourth of July. Use the code "July407" for the extra 10% off.:tup: