The Purse-Love of my Life is gone!

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  1. I have to vent to you guys because anyone else thinks I'm being overly dramatic (and I possibly am). I lived a nightmare we all fear. I left one of my favorite purses in the basket at the supermarket and didn't realize it right away. When I came back, it was gone. I've checked with the customer service manager a couple times but no luck. I imagine someone took it.
    Of course, this happened a day before I was taking a flight and needed credit cards and ID. Luckily I keep at least one credit card and my passport at home.
    I only had about $40 in cash in the purse, but I'm still so upset because I lost my black Bridgit! She was one of the bags that I just Had to Have! Also lost were a colorblock zippy wallet, siggy coin purse, and vermillion medium skinny.

    I guess the silver lining around this cloud is that I have a legitimate excuse to go shopping, right?!
  2. I am so sorry to hear this happened to you! I would suggest you keep an eye out on craigslist and ebay, in case the person who took it was dumb enough to list it.
  3. Oh, Lordy...I feel for you! Losing a purse is such a recurring nightmare for me that I actually will realize that I am asleep and dreaming when it happens and wake myself up.

    I salute you for looking on the bright side. Go forth and shop!
  4. I'm so sorry! This may sound silly but check the trash and/or dumpsters around the store if it hasn't been too long. Chances are they just wanted the money and credit cards and they usually dump the purse. Fingers crossed she pops back up or I do love your bright side...Shopping!! :smile:
  5. Absolutely! Shopping makes everything better :graucho:. That is awful that someone could do that--how do they sleep at night? I agree to keep your eye open on ebay and Craigslist--she will show up.
  6. Sorry to hear about that. Consider what a pain in the butt it can be replacing ID and credit cards, I think you deserve the shopping trip.
  7. They most likely just wanted the cash and credit cards....check around the parking lot near the store and the roads near mom's purse was stolen and they found all the contents of her bag (including checkbook, and wallet sans cash and credit cards) on the side of the road near where they were stolen.
  8. That totally s**cks! I'm so sorry this has happened to you.....

    I used to NEVER do that and would mentally scold other ladies when I saw them with their purse in the child seat of the cart, but I noticed now that I'm carrying satchels more than shoulder bags, I've started doing this very same thing, because it's so hard to pick up stuff off the shelves with only one free hand. This is a good lesson for me to stop doing it...Again I'm sorry for your loss. Bridgit is a lovely bag.....I see them listed on E-bay all the time, keep an eye out and hopefully one will be for sale for a reasonable price!
  9. Sorry about your loss, I hate it when things like this happen.
  10. I'm so sorry this happened. I would be devastated. The person who stole it probably doesn't even realize the purse is worth more than the contents. I don't think it will be too hard to find another Bridgit. I see them on ebay fairly often.

    Did you ask if the store had security cameras?
  11. Oh no! I'm so sorry! Perhaps also call your local police department to see if someone turned it in there? Perhaps the person felt that someone who worked there might keep it and so turned it in to a more trustworthy authority? I know that is probably a bit silly of me to think, but here's hoping! The last time I found a bag, I looked up the person directly and returned it to them (I found it in the street--they had left it on top of their car and it fell off as they drove, so they didn't even know where to start looking).
  12. I am so sorry that this happened to you. I have lived this nightmare before, and the good news is the other posters are right. My purse was found in the restroom. My cell phone and cash were gone, but the rest of my items were intact. Lucky for me the thief didn't realize that my purse and SLG's were worth much more than what they did take. Keep checking the area, thieves seem to dump the purse once they have gotten what they want out of it.
  13. So sorry this happened to you! Losing my purse is my worst nightmare. I often see gals leave their purses in their carts at the store and turn away, I always want say something to them about how dangerous that is! It can disappear in the blink of an eye.

    Like the others say, check around the area, thieves are interested in cards and cash, not the purse itself.
  14. I feel for you.. I have had my purse stolen .. but I have to say .. you ask for it!! I did too as I left it in my truck in a friends lane-way LOCKED, and under the seat...

    you shouldn't leave anything unattended, NOTHING is safe these days..
    Now after this you will NEVER feel safe or leave anything unattended. People at work as me why I take my purse to the bathroom rather then at my desk..
    HELL NO. I will take it. I had things that couldnt be replaced in my purse, not to mention, everything coach in my purse and my script sunnies .. that mistake cost me about 1000$

    Good luck replacing everything, I hope you didnt have anything in there that cant be replace.
  15. I had my wallet stolen and it miraculously turned up in my mail a week later! The only thing that was gone was the cash - a Canadian $20 and my lucky $2 bill. By that time I had canceled all my cards, but it was nice to not have to get a new license.

    Apparently if you put a driver's license in a mailbox, USPS will return it to you. This NYT article says they'll do the same for most wallets if they contain an address.

    Fingers crossed for you!!