The purse I been waiting for is here

  1. :yahoo: She is my third pre-loved purses that I own. I been buying new ones ever since I started collecting LV. I bought her in eBay and authenticated by Carol Diva. This one of my favorite purse, she is so unique and sooo girly.

  2. Congratulations, she´s beautiful! Looks like candy!
  3. Ohh.. and here's the two preloved purses josephine pm, and epi noe in red. Baggy denim Pm is brandnew, I bought her in LV boutique Valley Fair Mall.
  4. OMG those are gorgeous too! I loove Josephine and the Noe is one of my favorites. Baggy pm is a great casual bag.
  5. thank you! I'm so inlove with her. I don't even pay attention to my baggy pm anymore. I been ignorning my baggy pm eversince she (CB pap) arrived. :confused1:
  6. You´ll love her again! The CB pap deserves some attention now :biggrin:
  7. I've never liked the CB line but yours looks really good! :nuts:
  8. :yes: ok .. I agree. thanks again!
  9. Thanks arnott! I was worried about the patina but her patina looks gorgeous to me at least hehee.
  10. I love the CB Papillon. I've been stalking one that LT is selling. LOL. It looks great and I love your collection. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Can it fit over your shoulder? How about modeling? :graucho:
  12. Well.. without I jacket it can fit. It reminds me of my pap 26 but a little bigger. I will take model picture tomorrow hehehe.
  13. Thank you! I know I saw the one in LT is almost brandnew too. You should get it! get it! :nuts:
  14. ^Hahaha. I must be strong. Holding out for a Retro in that condition.
  15. How old are you if you don't mind me asking?

    Just wondering if I'm too old to carry something like this. :whistle: