the purse forum = pornography?!

  1. I had my laptop with me at Kansas City Airport today and decided to take advantage of their free wifi to get my tPF fix in while I waited for my plane. So, I clicked on my bookmark and eagerly waited while the page loaded. Instead of loading the forum, however, I got a message that tPF has been marked as a pornographic website and I wouldn't be able to access it on KCI's wifi. Ummmm :confused1::confused1::confused1:

    I know all these handbags can get our blood racing and :drool:

    Anyway, has this happened to anyone else using free public wifi?
  2. That's really weird.

    BTW: Unrelated....Are you from KC? I just left Kansas last fall.
  3. I use public wifi at airports, school etc to access tPF and NEVER got anything like that....................
  4. I consider the purse forum my porn.. hehe.. :nuts:
  5. maybe it's that 'who's got the hottest abs' ad... man thats as good as porn to me :graucho::roflmfao:
  6. pquiles, I was just passing through. Originally from CA, but currently located in Columbia, MO. I'll sometimes drive out to KC, though. Any shopping recs? :p Good places to eat? Thanks!
  7. LOL! :roflmfao:
  8. My current 3 types of internet porn are

    Handbags - Jimmy Choo, Chloe, Coach, Dooney
    Shoes - Jimmy Choo, CL, Manolo
    Jewellery - Tiffany's

  9. HI!!
    The Plaza is fantastic shopping! Especially if you're into outdoor shops, fountains, food and historical atmosphere!
    Oak Park Mall is good....has the typical shops and Nordstrom's, etc.
    Legends is fairly new and is an outdoor shopping plaza w/restaurants, fun stuff for kids, baseball, Nebraska Furniture mart and the shops are mostly, if not all, outlet.
    KC has great food and a lot of options! Do you like barbeque? We're famous for that!! THere's to many great restaurants to list...but if you tell me some of your favorite foods, I could be more specific.
    (The closest LV though, is in St. Louis.:push: )
  10. LOL they probably have some of that lame "filtering" software installed, which while it has improved somewhat since the days when some of them would block everything from websites about breast cancer to the United States Constitution, it is still software, which means it still doesn't have a brain, but requires the services of both programmer and installer in that regard, and they can still be "worked around" by the average ten year old, though by few parents. ;)

  11. :graucho: :yahoo: :roflmfao: Me too!!!
  12. LOL... this is the funniest thing i ever heard from tpf!

    are u sure that no one's loving their bag too much and might posted their picture modeled the bag with hmmm... nothing but the bag :roflmfao:

  13. Whenever I'm on tPF or browsing for bags and I'm caught by DH...he calls it my purse porn :graucho:
  14. I grew up in KC...near the Plaza, as a matter of fact :yes: My best friend still lives OP.

    I so miss the Plaza and the Plaza Lights.

    I also like shopping at Town Center Plaza. It's on 119th between Nall and Roe.