The Purse Forum Players!

  1. For the sake of this game, assume everyone can sing, dance and act.

    Pick a musical and "cast" it, using members of the Purse Forum!

    And if you get stuck, feel free to use celebrites (assuming they can sing, dance and act, too)!

    Into the Woods

    Witch - caitlin1214
    Cinderella - Megs
    Cinderella's Prince - Justin Timberlake
    Narrator - Louis Lady
    Baker - Vlad
    Baker's Wife - Swanky Mama of Three
    Rapunzel - LVbabydoll
    Rapunzel's Prince - Ryan Phillippe
    Cinderella's Stepmother - Maggie Gyllenhaal
    Little Red Riding Hood - Michelle1025
    Little Red Riding Hood's Grandmother - Roo
    Wolf - Charles
    Jack - Macauley Culkin
    Jack's Mother - bagnshoofetish
    Cinderella's Father - Justin Long
    Cinderella's Mother - Jessica Simpson
    Steward - John 5
    Giant [voice] - Kelsey Grammar
    Florinda - Nicole Richie
    Lucinda - Kimberley Stewart
    Sleeping Beauty - Bee Bee
    Snow White - Label Addict
    Mysterious Stranger - Shia LaBeouf
  2. OMG! you are too funny! Jacks mother, eh? I saw that play soooo long ago - I'm gonna have to go see it again!