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    You hear it right, thanks to our curteous sponsor Qara Argentina, we're running a new, exciting handbag giveaway contest with prizes worth nearly a thousand bucks!

    Don't know about Qara? Let'em introduce themselves:

    What's special about Argentinian leather compared to Italian leathers?

    Sounds pretty amazing to me! We are proud to have Qara Argentina on board to send three amazing and unique bags to three of our lucky members!

    The Contest

    TGIF - Thank God It's Friday! This Friday could not have come quickly enough. Work and responsibilities have been piling up all week, late nights have been wearing me down, it's all out of control! I know you feel me on this.

    How about we make your work day a little easier and hook you up with a new New York bag to take to your dreaded 9-5 job? I bet you don't disagree. :yahoo:

    Tell us why your job sucks and you deserve a new bag!

    The contest rules have never been easier. :wlae:

    One submission per member until next Friday, July 28th 2006, 11:59pm EST. Post your submission in this thread, Megs and I will decide on the three poorest, most pitiful and deserving souls. The winners will get to choose among the following three gems:


    Large Qara Mia Tote
    • Lightweight, durable and impossibly comfortable, this tote is the perfect everyday carry-all. How big is it? It can carry a laptop, today's lunch, yesterday's dinner, a large dog and maybe a small gaucho. And it will still look great.
    • Interior zipper pocket and cell compartment. Snap closure.
    • 19½"H x 17½"W x 2"D
    • Retail: $205 (link)

    Qara Messenger Bag
    • Designed for everyday use. Features handmade bronze hardware. One exterior lined pocket. Interior iPod pocket, BlackBerry pocket, four pen loops, keychain holder and detachable leather keychain included. Adjustable strap with buckle. Flap lined with Napa suede. Magnetic snap closure. Customizable lining.
    • 11¾"H x 13¼"Wx 5"D
    • Retail: $285 (link)

    Qara Horsehair Tote
    • Convenient carry-all. Interior cell phone holder, four pen loops, organizational pocket and keychain holder. Detachable leather keychain included. Interior zip-close pocket, zipper-pull with handmade alpaca nail-head hardware, black canvas lining with brown leather detailing.
    • 14"H x 12"W x 6”D
    • Retail: $420 (link)
    Good luck to everyone - now go ahead and vent! :hysteric:

    Many thanks again to Qara for making this contest possible!
  2. Aww man, this is great! :yahoo::nuts:

    I've already started my submission in Word (so I can edit, etc :angel: ) and I'll submit ASAP!:drinks:
  3. LOL!! AHH my job doesn't really suck at all b/c I work outta my home for my dad. But, I have to work w/ my pain in the butt mother & control my kid while I'm working. I know other ladies have it worse than me...Good luck all!!!
  4. I think Megs could fill this out and win right now.!!!!!!.LOL..poor thing...she ought to tell of her 12 hour day yesterday...!!!!!
  5. I'd love to enter too but my job really doesn't suck!!! LOL The only time I hate it is when there isn't anything to do and I get bored...but then I'm glad I have internet access! :smile:

    Good luck everyone!!!
  6. Of course, it's a matter of your own comfort level how much you share about your employer, it can be done jokingly or flat out the raw truth... it's up to you!
  7. can it be of a previous job?
  8. Goodness, I love the messenger bag, but noticed that shipping even though it's subsidized is still $60! Do you suppose Qara wants to do a special promotional with the ladies of tpf?? Let's say free shipping? (I would love to buy my deserving, hard-working DF a black messenger free shipping would be icing on the cake)!

  9. I will see what we can work out.
  10. I have four "employers, five if you count the little fluffy white one with the irritable bowels. They have, over the course of 18 years, worked me night & day 24 hours a day. I have executive authority true, but that only works if people actually listen to you..........have you ever tried to get three teenagers to listen to a word you say???? Ha! I started out on a high note, my boss wined & dined me trying to get me to take this position & I fell for the great benefits & perks, naive girl that I was. Like every other employee I was DUPED!! Those fancy trips & long lunches didn't last.*boohoo* & soon the only benies I was enjoying were the medical ones. in & out of the hospital I became a hospitality expert & soon I was waiting hand & foot on his little minions. Minions that pooped & cried no less, ladies I have to tell you some kids really will put anything in their mouths..&....noses :sad: I learned the hard way about this thing called an Aspirator.....Ack!!! My bosses demand the most insane things from me including, but not limited to catering to their every whim, fighting off insane, blood crazed warriors at Toys-R-Us for the super limited addition Power Ranger. Getting Trampled at Christmas time trying to grab one lowly little talking Barney & don't even ask me what they made me do for a Playstation 2......the horor lives deep inside me to this day. I have been yelled at, peed upon, & even had the back of my seat kicked for three hours straight & that was on my vacation!!
    Have you ever had an employer that whines all day? I have & now that they are raging with hormones I.....I.....I fear for my life. Three months of vacation *ahem* & i am more exhausted than ever!! I really need a pick me up.........t's almost time for back to School shopping & I .I ...........fear for my life.You know they aren't going to be the ones throwing down for a parking place at the mall or wading through a sea of clothes on the dressing room floor, navigating the dark waters of the school supply aisle, grabbing for the last Lisa Frank notebook. I still haver scars from the fingernails of doom of the Glam mom who gauged me grabbing for a red trapperkeeper me.......cheer me....PICK me!!!!
  11. There are a lot of examples I could give about why I deserve to win. For example, I could tell about how prior to my arrival, my boss went through 8 assistants in two years (As of 7/19 I hold the record at two years. Clearly, there’s something wrong with me as well). I could tell you all about how during the interview process I was told by the higher ups that my boss was the most evil person alive, and that if I didn’t cry in the first week, I’d be okay, but that they’d write me a nice letter of recommendation no matter what. I could tell about the week when she tore apart my work because I used state initials (you know, like NJ for New Jersey and NY for New York) on my forms because she decided she couldn’t be bothered to remember what the initials stood for, or how a week later she decided it took too long to read the entire state name and then tore apart my work again for using the entire state name.

    No. No. No. Those don’t really give you the real idea of what my boss is like. Those could be examples from any random bad boss. We all have those. What I have is-oh so much worse.

    My boss lacks…uhm how do I put this...Any sense of public decorum or awareness of others around her or that others around her might not want to hear the most personal details of her life. She answers every call on speaker phone with the door to her office wide open. If I go to shut her door, she tells me the door is to remain open At! All! Times! Don’t think I haven’t tried. Calls from clients, calls from her lover (oh, that’s a whole other story), feuds with family members, and-yes even calls from her gyno.

    My job sucks worse than anyone else’s because I have the honor and joy of hearing about my boss’ vagina on a regular basis. There. I said it. It’s kind of like your first AA meeting-just admitting it is a huge step toward the healing process.

    This is my example, I take no responsibility for any nightmares you may have. A few months ago I was working at my desk when all of a sudden I hear, “Well, it’s a burning sensation when I urinate. And a discharge. I have a thick vaginal discharge.” :throwup: Now, even if you’re a pro at ignoring calls, like I am, it’s damn hard to ignore the phrase ‘vaginal discharge.’ It’s just one of those attention getters. All heads swiveled toward my boss’ office. We can’t exactly hear what the doctor is saying (at least he kept his voice low), but everyone around my office can hear her. “Oh, a UTI. Okay. Well, yes one more question-I was planning on having sexual intercourse tonight, can I still do that?”


    A free handbag would be nice, but I’ll also accept donations for all the therapy I need because of her.
  12. Oh the horror ...........Everyone really doesnt wanna know that :throwup:

    This is a good one so far

    I really cant complain with my job , really, but if i come up with something i will come back
  13. Job title: At home mom of 13yr. old female
    Job description: Psychologist, taxi driver, personal assistant, cook, and pms advisor.
    Job title: At home mom of 9yr. old male
    Job description: paying for neighbors broken windows, doors (anything breakable. Cook, baseball team mom, broken bone specialist, vomit catcher, and house keeper.
    Job title: At home mom of 3yr. old son.
    2a.m. nightmare docter, getting rid of all monsters that hide in clostets and under beds. Potty training professional, bad owie fixer, keeper of the cheerios, referee to all three when in dog pile fight, cook, story book and Barney pro. Know-m' all word for word (that should be the winning factor in its own) and last but not least:
    The hubby:Job title:
    Job counselor, on call 24/7 for...... well you know. Cook, errand runner, bank officer, maid service, bill collector, oh and lets not forget Chloe my 6mo. old Shih Tzu. Yep all, Im a dog trainer too!
  14. lol Taco and Jillybean...Jillybean are you a writer? You worded it so well it was almost like reading from a book.
  15. Aw thanks. My secret dream is to be a writer. I wrote a one act play in my Live Journal about the time she told me about going to get a bikini wax (my fault for asking where she was going), but it gave away a little too much about where I work.
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