The PuRSE FAiRy dropped off a....

  1. His name is actually Mark ...our cute UPS guy.. aka.. "Purse Fairy".. and that is exactly what he was called as I saw him bring in my big brown box through the door :nuts: I stood up.. clapped my hands together... (I work in a very small office) and said " THE PURSE FAIRY IS HERE~!" and Marks goes "This is a purse~!... but you just got one not too long ago...:push:" SOOoo.... my ups, fedex, mailman & DHL guys.. all know by now...that ...I have "purse issues" :angel:

    Miss MoGano/Cinnamon SGH PT



  2. yummy!!
  3. SHe's gorgeous, just gorgeous!!!! I'm quite envious! I've overshopped my far I'm on a small ban for the next couple of weeks.

    ...problem is, I'm not sure I know what "ban" means!
  4. Beautiful! What awesome leather!!! :love:
  5. Beautiful! That's gorgeous leather...
  6. yummylicious!!!!
  7. aaahhhh!! that color is amaaazing! congrats!!!!
  8. Wow, that's a scrumptious colour! Love the SGH with it. Congrats!
  9. That color is simply divine!!! It will be an amazing fall piece!
  10. oh shes gorgeous!! love the colour!
  11. It's beautiful!
  12. it! the part time is smaller than a city???
  13. LOL!!!! That is so cute......the Purse Fairy!!!! My UPS guy knows me so well now that he flags me down on the road when he's got a package for's hysterical.

    Oogie.......this bag is TDF!!!!!! I :heart: it! The leather is super puffy and pillowlike........yummy!!!! :drool::drool::drool: Now, you can join the PT club!!! Post modeling pics when you get a chance.....:yahoo::wlae::yahoo::wlae:
  14. Congrats on another gorgeous bag girlie. :party:
  15. Thanks Celo, Torrey, Chesire, Pinay, June, Azia, Aka, M&B~! :wlae:

    Cracker & Nanaz... you know I envy both your gorgeous bBags... if yah ever need some bag babysitting... I'm here for yah~! :p

    Rensky, it's shorter than a city but longer width wise & the shoulder strap is a tad longer. ;)