The Purse Blog Interview with Rebecca Minkoff!

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  1. We had the chance to sit down with Rebecca last week in NYC and drill her with our questions! Spring 08 bag preview included!

    Click here for the interview!
  2. Right on! I am reading it now!!
  3. She was absolutely amazing!!!!!! I hope you all enjoy the interview!!!
  4. I need the Steady in Black, A Rose, and the LEX in Fushia.

    That will make me very happy.

    Great interview!

  5. ^ She is just amazing!!!!! And her new bags are divine! I want SO many!
  6. Hey Megs and Vlad. Is your story on here somewhere? Like a bio? I am super nosy - ahem, curious about you two and how you got into this. I love this forum. It's like a family.

    Back to the subject!! More RM!! I love her, got my first MA Mini recently and adore it. I am ready to go "Steady". :wlae:
  7. ^ We have it somewhere... I will try to find it for you!!!!
  8. Wow, you guys are great! That was a fantastic interview! I didn't know much about RM before, but now I will definitely check out her bags!
    Thanks for posting!
  9. Oh WOW! Great interview! I enjoyed it very much. Rebecca looks so cute.
  10. I love RM!! Great interview, too, you two are so fortunate to be able to talk with her! I love her style and all of her bags, I have been particulary eyeing her morning after bag lately.
  11. Get it! Get it! You won't regret it. :tup::woohoo::wlae::graucho::girlsigh:
  12. Great interview! And I love the preview pics! Thanks so much!
  13. Great interview! She seems really nice and her bags are very cool.
  14. What a wonderful interview of a very polite, modest designer! Thanks for all those pics! I love the Steady in "dusty" and the Getway Satchel in "night w/dark spot"! Can't wait until they hit the stores!! I wonder if she has plans for any other "stand alone" stores!!
  15. Amazing insight into what Rebecca is about. Great job with the interview! Yes, the "Steady" will definitely be my next (healthy) obsession!