The purple spy exists!...and other sightings/opinions

  1. Where is everyone?! This forum is getting a little too quiet and depressing (people giving away spys etc). I myself have betrayed fendi and moved on to some other bags that I'm dying to get, but have not totally abandoned my love. I will not disclose which bag(s) I'm getting until I get them, but this post isn't about that. This is about the mythological purple spy that we have all grown up hearing about (well for the last few months anyway). Ok ok I lie (most of you have already looked at the picture below anyway), this is not THE purple spy we've been awaiting, but another spy that is purple and worth mentioning.

    Most of you have seen the $5k sequined spy[​IMG] from this fall, but this odd looking spy has a more attractive sister in purple! The pics I took do NO justice and I feel like kicking myself, it looks yuck from these pics but here's so you get some kind of visual. Behind the sequins is purple (satin?leather? some material I thought was satin but the SA said leather), and the handles and spy wand are..well I don't know what it is but its nice! In all the bag is much more attractive and special than the one on the Nieman site.

    Another bag I had debated is this--> [​IMG] available also in purple [​IMG] both hot for this fall. As much as I thought I loved them both, I found the purple in real life was not as pretty as I thought and did not look good on me. The black did look good, but at the time I thought of better things I could spend that money on.

    OOH and wanted to mention that the marroon Bbag Decophile has is tdf in real life..the color is amazing. Available in large also.

    Ok what else..well I saw this hideous monstrosity --> [​IMG]
    and it is as gross as it looks. The coin-like sequins are made of leather so they are not sharp to the touch as the picture implies, but not nice soft either (hey, I'm just hating on the bag ok?:boxing:smile:

    The [​IMG] mini B patent clutch (available in silver) is TINY! Really small! Cute though! Too small for me but it wouldnt be that cute if it wasn't so small. I actually said "aww" when I saw it.

    They have this [​IMG]in purple and in a smaller size (or maybe this is the purple but it doesn't look anything like this irl) and I thought it was funky-cute, not ugly. But although I liked it I didn't get it.

    The Fendi to-you mixed fabric clutch isn't gross in real life, but a little too boring for me. Not what it looked like in pics though.

    Final note: has a lot of new fendis up on their site I hadn't seen before, check em out!

    ps- Sorry for misleading those of you who thought I had actually seen a purple spy, don't be mad!
    IMG00149 (Large).jpg
  2. Another one, really sorry about the camera phone pics
    IMG00040 (Large).jpg
  3. Thanks for the "story." I really enjoyed it. That purple spy is tdf. Is the price the same as the current one the $5k sequined one?
  4. Thanks for going to all that effort! I really enjoyed looking at that!
  5. yeah price is the same as the current one on neiman. Just thought I'd put this up incase there were others interested in these bags. Plus there was no action on this forum and it was driving me nuts:hysteric:
  6. Quite agree Kneehighz, do not know where everyone has gone. Its not like the "good old days" with everyone rabbitting on about their bags.

    Not to sure about this spy you posted, but it might look stunning IRL.
  7. Im still popping in !!!! ;)

    Love your piccies, they are great for camera phone ones :yes:
  8. I don't like it. :nogood:
  9. Undecided about this one. It's lovely for sure, but I think the spy is so much a day bag due to its size. I wouldn't know what to do with such an elaborate, beaded Spy. :shrugs: It's not like I'm going to lug it to a client fundraiser dinner or the opera. Think it's one of those sit-in-the-closet-and-look-purdy bags.

    Thanks for going thru all the trouble, kneehighz!
  10. Whoa! That's a crazy spy! Thanks for posting those pics, kneehighz. :smile: I still pop in here almost everyday to drool over any new pics...and don't worry, I'm definitely not thinking of selling my beloved choco spy. I'm actually thinking of adopting a new sister for her!
  11. WOW!!! Those are some noticeable bags...I like to see them on other people but myself I could never picture it on me! Put pockets zippers and plain colors and I'm happy;)
  12. I still pop in but Fendi needs to give us something to drool over.
  13. The thing with sequins that bug me are that it feels like they scratch up against me when I am carrying it.
  14. Me - I'm new, and I love Fendi bags. :love: Thanks kneehighz for posting the pictures. You are right about that coin-sized sequined spy (jburgh puts finger down throat..ack!). And thanks to your enabling ways, I have a Zucca Spy. Seriously one was twisting my arm on that one!

    So is this purple Spy a myth...or real?