The purple/parma BALL story


May 9, 2006
A long story, but with happy ending. :tup:

So, i saw a purple ball bag last week and struggling whether to grab it. on monday, i called the shop and pre-sale started on tue, with 30% off, but only for VIP. i'm not VIP but my friend's friend is. on tue, i called the shop and see whether any purple ball bag left. the only answer was "display only". i kept on calling almost every shop here and one SA said there's a new one and she'd keep for me, so i can ask my friend to come (it has to be bought by a VIP).

today after work, i went to the shop, cause i wanna try to see if it's ok to give the name and phone no of VIP will be entitled to the sale. i asked for the SA, she showed me the bag, but it's BROWN:confused1:.. she's terribly sorry for making a mistake, cause the color code for brown and purple is pretty similar. she then kept on calling every shop AGAIN (just like what i did) and tracked one display for me. indeed, i've waited for over 15 mins already. she then explained again then i need to ask the VIP to come down to buy for me, i was :cursing: but still act politely to see if she can do anything. she said she'll ask the manager and give me a call later.

15 mins later, while i was on the way home, she called and said the bag has arrived, and it's a NEW one :yahoo: (she said new stocks come everyday and they don't know what they will be). plus the manager allows me to buy the bag with discount :roflmfao:.. so, i went back home, dropped my labtop and went all the way back to buy this beauty, here she is...:graucho:


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