The purge...never thought it would happen

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  1. I need help! I want to have a simple RM collection but I don't feel I "need" to have as many as I currently own. Especially in this economy...trying to tighten belt everywhere I can after seeing our 401k statement!

    Here is what I have...

    ocean/cobalt matinee
    night matinee
    dark grey matinee
    eggplant matinee

    iris duo
    cloud grey/amber duo(keeping)

    Hazelnut MA
    Stingray mam(selling but have reservations)

    Purple patent Rendezvous clutch

    What would be a nice simple collection? I can't decide!! 3 or 4 bags tops.:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. I would keep the hazelnut MA, seems like a great basic. But it depends if you like the brights more..So hard to choose!
  3. Tough one, I mean no one needs bags! But we love them and they are pretty!! I guess I would keep one of each style.

    If it were me I would KEEP:

    Dark Grey Mattie
    Eggplant Mattie (OK, so I would keep 2 matties!!)
    Cloud grey/Amber Duo
    Hazelnut MAB
    Stingray MAM
    The Rendezvous

    Uhm, you need a Nikki now. LOL
  4. These four:
    dark grey matinee
    eggplant matinee
    cloud grey/amber duo
    Hazelnut MA

    Or these 4:
    dark grey matinee
    cloud grey/amber duo
    Hazelnut MA
    Stingray mam

    Depends on which you like more; the eggplant mattie or stingray mam. You have some nice bags!
  5. Hmm...Is your mattie ocean or marine? I have never seen an ocean/cobalt mattie, just an ocean/gold one-I have however seen a marine/cobalt mattie. I am intrigued!

    Well, since you love matties so much, I would keep the DG and the Eggplant (gorgeous leathers that are very versatile), and the purple patent clutch (so you can have a clutch). Since you are keeping the duo, I didnt choose the hazelnut (too similar in brown tones).
    For a bonus bag, I would keep that gorgeous stingray/mocha MAM!!!!
  6. if it were me here are what i would keep:

    from the list of matinees:
    1.eggplant matinee

    (you're already planning to keep this so no need for me to decide for ya :P lol)
    2. cloud grey/amber duo(keeping)

    i'd keep both the:
    3. Hazelnut MA
    4. Stingray mam(selling but have reservations)

    i personally don't like patent so i'm checking the purple patent rendevous clutch off the list...:Push:
  7. I concur with stillsearching.

  8. I think you should think in terms of a balance of what bags will sell in this market and at a reasonable price - and - decide which bags you can't live without.

    How about choosing three bags like this?

    1. Staple bag
    2. Bright/ fun-colored bag
    3. Small bag for nights out.
  9. I am reeling from the thoughtful responses ! SO glad I posed the question because you all have given me many things to think about.
    Thank goodness I am not a Nikki girl!

    I think these might make the cut...
    Dark Grey Mattie
    Eggplant Mattie
    Cloud grey/Amber Duo
    Hazelnut MAB
    The Rendezvous
  10. I sure would keep them all until the economy improves!
  11. I think you should do it like this... (just my my opinion though, I am not saying it in a demanding kind of way lol!)

    *a brightly colored statement bag* (the Marine Mattie! Gorgeous shade of blue, bright, hard to come by, and blue actually goes well with a lot! I remember you're thread on that bag, don't sell it!:heart:)

    *a staple bag* Hazelnut MA or Stingray MAM (both classy and warm neutrals)

    *another mattie, your choice* b/c you LOVE matties!!! I honestly think you should have 2. If it were me I'd go for eggplant b/c it's such a gorgeous color and leather, unique with the purple undertones but neutral enough b/c of the brown hue.. Also, you have a gray bag already b/c of the cloud GRAY amber duo, and I'm guessing you have other black bags.

    and then ofcourse you're cloud gray amber duo.

  12. I like this idea MOST of all!
  13. I totally agree with MSG. We are practically giving our bags away anymore, not that I've sold any of mine. Look at the pricing on eBay. It really sucks. I realize we feel we need to downsize because the news is so gloomy about the economy, but we pay our hard earned money on purses we admire only to then sell them at a loss. Try not to purge right now. JMHO to be taken with a grain of salt.
  14. I agree^^^ I sold my nwt stonewash blue nikki a while back for less than what I PAID! But I wasn't going to wear it. Nikki just doesn't fit me well. Also I sold a Henri for less too. I would rather keep them than sell at a loss and I guess I would not get my money back on any of the nwt bags I have now to possibly sell, from looking at ebay now. Prices are very low there.
  15. my votes go to:

    eggplant matinee
    cloud grey/amber duo
    Hazelnut MA
    Stingray mam