The pull of Lily was too great!

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  1. As much as I tried to fight it off I found myself not being able to resist Lily.

    I must have talked myself out of getting her a zillion times, both with & without PCE. I even settled with a PCE purchase that I knew was a mistake before I finished paying.

    But before going to bed last night I was surfing eBay & found a gently used Whiskey Lily with a Best Offer available. I put a request in for $700 & figured if it was accepted great, if not it wasn't meant to be. When I awoke this morning I found that the seller had accepted my offer!

    So Lily will finally be mine & at $500 less than retail & $200 less than PCE!!

    Woo Hoo!!!:wlae:
  2. WOOOHOOOO!!!!!! CONGRATS on such a GREAT buy!!!! Cant wait to see pics!!!
  3. Yipee!! We sucked you in!!! I just got my Lily on Tuesday! Love her!!!
    Was this seller from Maine? I was just looking on eBay 5 minutes ago at completed listings for Lily and I think I saw your auction!!! I'm in Maine too, so this one stuck out in my head of course!! ;)
  4. Yep! That would be mine!
  5. wow!! that is A LOT to save on a bag!!! congrats -- can't wait for the pictures... i LOVE the Lily, but that'd basically be a car for me..
  6. WOW!! Excellent deal!!:tup: Enjoy your Lily!
  7. Yay another big saving.. I am happy when you can buy expensive things but at a bargain price.... Enjoy your new bag.. She's really beautiful :yahoo:
  8. Good for you! What a great deal! Enjoy your new bag!!!! Post pics when you get lookin' at Lily!!!:yes:
  9. Congrats Tinks! That is one great deal! :tup:
  10. yay, another lily! pics please when you get her! congrat!
  11. What a FAB deal!1 Take pics when you get it!
  12. Congrats on gettting such a great deal on a beautiful bag!