The puffy flap - thoughts?

  1. Hey everyone,

    I saw a few pics of this seasonal flap and I really like it. I love the price point and that it is so much lighter than the jumbo although it's the same size. Unfortunately my store didn't order it but my friend is flying to Paris and has offered to buy it for me.
    I'm a little hesitang buying a bag at this price point sight unseen (I won't be able to return it).
    Those who bought it or have seen it in person, what are your thoughts?

    Thank you!

  2. Check out the Shopping sub-forum and the Jan/Feb reveals. There have been a couple of purchases of this very bag.
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  3. I like it. I just purchased a bag in Italy and the prices in EUR may give you a better deal and I could go to customs at the airport when leaving and get the VAT back. All in all saved me a few hundred dollars. Look into it.
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  4. Might be the minority here but im not a fan. The split line in the middle looks very weird...
  5. I purchased it and love it. It’s very light and can hold a lot. I sent it to Leather Surgeons to extend the chain so it’s more comfortable crossbody. That’s how I plan to wear it. It’s being shipped back this week.
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  6. I saw it in the boutique-
    *Its very lightweight
    *Single Flap
    *Depending on how tall you are, it can be worn doubled or single shoulder, chances are not crossbody. Definitely not crossbody on me, I’m 5’10”.
    *Very similar to a single flap Jumbo in size and depth, but I think it holds more
    *Interesting leather feel- I think it will hold up in rain

    What I wasn’t a fan of was-
    *Its a different leather feel than a CF, almost a little rubbery (which was okay, it’s just not CF leather)
    *It was a little bulky, but if you like bigger bags, you’ll probably like this one
    *No back exterior pocket- I’m addicted to the exterior pocket bags
    *The seam gave it a different look, not good or bad.

    I think if I liked larger bags, I would have gotten one to use as an everyday bag and I would’ve had Leather Surgeons lengthen the chain.
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  7. thank you all for your input!
  8. I am not a fan of the crease in the middle. It seems like an afterthought design wise. Not for me.
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  9. I purchased it and love it. I may be in the minority but I don’t like double flap bags. I like to be in and out of my bags instead of fussing with the extra flap. I also love that it’s so lightweight and I don’t have to downsize what I would normally carry. The price point is decent for a caviar bag too. The only thing I didn’t like initially is how “puffy” it is but I’ve gotten used to it.
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  10. Ok, I’m just going to say it. Please don’t get mad, the middle seam on the puffy makes it look like a butt. I’m sorry! I can’t help it, Ive taken to calling it the butt bag in my head everytime I see it in photos.
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  11. Lol!!! I don’t take offense at all and I own the bag!!! Pretty funny to me!!!
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  12. Oh god, now I can’t unsee this mental image now when I think of this bag, thanks geisha918 :lol::lol::lol:!!
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  13. I don't love that seam. I'd like it if they put a leather strip or piece of chain or something in the middle to make it a little more part of the design. For example, I like how Rebecca Minkoff does her Love Crossbody chevron with a leather piece going down the center, that looks better visually to me. The way this is done looks like they just didn't want to use a bigger piece of leather so they just pieced 2 smaller pieces together. JMO
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  14. LOL "butt bag" that's too funny.
    But honestly, that line down the middle is very distracting & I don't understand it as I don't feel it adds to the bag, it just seems odd &, sorry to say, makes it look a bit cheap imho.
    I think this bag was made mainly for the customer base that didn't want to pull the gun on a jumbo, so I understand it's appeal to some ladies as it fills a need. :smile:
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