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Hardware - GOLD vs SILVER on BLACK PST

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  1. Both are gorgeous!! The black is very classy, the beige stands out more!!! So its really up to you!!! :graucho:
    Since I'm a bad enabler, GET BOTH!!!!!!!
  2. I prefer my purse hardware to blend with my jewelry. Since both the black and the beige are neutrals, why don't you choose the one that matches the color of your jewelry. BTW, do light color Chanels show wear quicker than dark colors?
  3. Both are gorgeous really :heart: The beige can be worn all seasons which is great, also easier to dress up & down. The black looks more serious and would be great if you'll be using it for work & more during fall/winter.

    Light-colored caviar is not hard to maintain, dirt can be wiped off easily.
  4. I am getting the black with silver, but do like the beige a lot, for a second one I would get the beige~!
  5. I think the beige/gold would be more formal and classy than the black/silver, which is a little more fun and classy. So, if you want a more formal/classy bag I would go for the beige PST. However, if you want a more fun and classy bag, I would go with the Black.
  6. I think a beige PST is better than a black PST. :biggrin:
  7. Very good advice.
  8. both are lovely, but personally i prefer the black and silver.
  9. The black PST only comes in gold hardware (unless this is something brand new). The GST comes in gold and silver. Correct me someone if I am wrong. I did hear that PST would eventually come in silver h/w.
  10. The black PST now comes with silver - it's new for Fall. I got it at Chanel in NYC.

    I happen to love the black...I think it's more useful than the beige...but it's purely a matter of choice. Now I'm trying to stop myself from getting the expandable tote in brown...and I've only had my PST for a few weeks!

    Let us know what you decide!
  11. I prefer black. I have a black on gold hardware.
  12. UGH!!!! I am so annoyed....I just bought a black PST about three weeks ago from 57th street NYC and my SA told me that they do not come in silver....only the GST comes in silver or gold. What the fudge? Don't get me wrong, I love the gold....I love the bag period ( I have other colors) But I really love silver on black. I can't believe I was given incorrect information from my SA. Time to get a new one.
  13. I prefer black bags since they go with everything but I do also like the beige with gold. I guess it depends upon what you would be using the bag for also. There is a pic in the reference library of a gorgeous beige gst and it does look amazing but I think that a black bag might get a little more use since in my opinion it goes with more then beige. But you really cant go wrong, both are gorgeous and will last forever!
  14. im currently drooling over the beige pst with gold h/w but thats because i have a black/gold hw GST...i think the black is more practical but gawd, the beige is soooo nice too! id say get both =P haha.
  15. I prefer the black too