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Hardware - GOLD vs SILVER on BLACK PST

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  1. Is it quite roomy? I'm so torn between the grand and the petite shopping totes!! I wish I can buy them both!! :drool:
  2. I initially ordered the PST and it was too small for me. My stuff wouldn't fit in there comfortably. I sent it back and got the GST. I am very happy with the GST.

    Side note: I think I could get more in my jumbo flap bags than I could in the PST.
  3. The PST can hold a good amount of stuff inside. I think it's a great size, not too big or too small.
  4. answerbar, have you try both of them on? also it depends on how many things you plan to carry, do you have any particular color/hardware you are thinking of?
  5. No I havent tried them on yet :/ But I want to get one during the Saks EGC event so I'm trying to decide quick! I want it in black caviar with silver hardware!
  6. I bought the petit b/c I wanted a small tote to carry this summer while on our boat..Lots of trips planned and this bag is perfect...I'm not a no books to carry...and I don't carry the kitchen sink w/ this size is perfect (for me)..Plus it will look great with my summer nautical clothes!! Good luck!!
  7. my opinion is, like Emmy says, if you don't carry the kitchen sink, the PS is perfect
    am sure it holds lot though, because the jumbo flap sure does and i do believe the PS is roomier even than the flap?

    get it!
  8. I just called Saks at NY and they dont ever order the PST with silver hardware only with gold hardware. :sad: I guess I'll have to look somewhere else!!

    And no, I dont carry the sink with me as well! :smile: I actually do not like not being able to walk straight bec of a heavy bag! Just the few essentials will do!
  9. They never made the Black Caviar PST w/ silver hardware...only gold. I wish they did because that's what I asked about before I got it in g/ hardware. They do make the Black Caviar GST w/ silver hardware.
  10. lol me too!:yes: I want the beige, but the color don't suit my skin tone(enhance the yellow undertone too much), so that's out of the list, pink is so darn cute, but already got a pink classic flap, so it's down to black and white for me. what about you?
  11. anybody, may i see the pic of the pst?? thx you in advance for help!!
  12. Hey there,
    Don't own a Chanel yet but am looking for my first, can anyone give me some further information of the petite shopping tote, especially what colorsit comes in? I know black, white, beige, pink...? owners, do you like it? Thanks in advance!
  13. anyone???
  14. I just went to Chanel today and my very sweet SA informed me that they dont make the pst in black anymore. She said it was a last season bag, and black is a pretty rare find, even in the gst (grand shopping tote-i tried to order it in black but several people were in front of me and theyve been waiting for over 6 months). As far as what she told me they arent making it in black anymore either. It does however come in beige, pink and while with silver or gold hardware. :smile: hope that helps a little. In case you were wondering I think the price stands at around 1150 for the pst, and 1750 for the gst. Good luck and share you pics!
  15. I have a pink PST with G/H and I really love it. I've only seen the bag in white, black, beige and pink. I want to say there's a navy color but, I'm not 100% sure.