The proud mother of a SUPERMODEL!!!

  1. I have to brag just a little bit...and wanted to show off pics of my smallest(she was asked to model for some Fisher-Price toys)....the posed shots are cute, but when they asked her just to do her own got even cuter (in some I am not sure if she is 4 or 14)...anyway...thanks for humoring me:biggrin:
    cameron supermodel 001.jpg cameron supermodel 002.jpg cameron supermodel 003.jpg cameron supermodel 004.jpg cameron supermodel 005.jpg cameron supermodel 006.jpg cameron supermodel 007.jpg cameron supermodel 009.jpg
  2. Oh, she's adorable! Those pics are just toooo cute...
    You must be very, very proud! :yes:
  3. hey annemerrick - what a little cutie!!!!! it looks like she had loads of fun!!! hehehe!!!
  4. Yes...she got paid a pretty penny too! We are on the way to the mall to get her a pair of shoes....any pair she chooses!!!
    Had I only known that modeling was such a lucrative career...I would have been born better looking!!!!
  5. Oh my gosh! She's so adorable. You can brag all you want!
  6. Annemerrick ~ Your Daughter Is Just Gorgeous!!! Congratulations! :smile:
  7. aww she's an absolutely cutie!!! ohh if you could, you should show us the completed ad!!

    it's too bad the pictures aren't bigger but from what I can see, she has a gorgeous smile!
  8. I suck:shame: so bad at figuring out how to get pics on here!! Either they are too big and won't load:mad: , or too small, and don't get bigger:rant: !! She will be on 3 boxes worldwide....for strollers, carseats, etc....(the toy kind!)
  9. How precious !! she has the cutest little face, and seems to have no problem with the cameras. :heart:

    My friends daughter was a Macys baby for years both Mother and baby enjoyed it.
  10. What a cutie! She's definitely going to grow up to be a star.
  11. She is smashing! SO cute! I love these shots.
  12. She is one cute little girl!!
  13. the7th picture is sassy :biggrin:
  14. she is adorable.
  15. She's so pretty and cute! Love the second pic:smile:)