The proper Kooba for the annual physical

  1. I have the dreaded physical today. :rolleyes: So to cheer myself up, I'm debating which Kooba to take. Which would be appropriate for such a FUN event? :rolleyes:

    Sooo I think Bonnie in red is the chosen bag. The color and cuteness will make me smile no matter what part of me is being violated. Plus, I painted my toenails back in order to make Dr. sit up and take notice. :p

    This is a shallow and meaningless thread, but oh well. :jammin:
  2. Yep, Grace, red Bonnie sounds the way to go! I hate those bloody physicals, hope Doc is good looking (if it's a he, no, wait!, that's sometimes worse...:graucho:) Maybe you should have painted your toes to match the red Bonnie:smile:, good luck!
  3. The dr. is a woman! LOL :roflmfao:
  4. My Doctor is a woman and is always salivating over my bags. She loves them but when I told her the price she about keeled over. I told her I'm sure she could afford just one I'm sure....LOL But Big houses and medical malpractice insurance costs mucho money. Not all doctor's are rolling in it as we might think.
  5. Good luck Grace! My god, I hate physicals.
  6. Oh I think the red Bonnie is the perfect choice. It's bright and cheery and it says "I'm cool despite what you do to me today." Sorry... I hate those physicals, too.

    My Dr. is a hot young cutie but he bats for the other team, if you know what I mean. :amuse: