The Producers

  1. So I'm watching it again on DVD and I've forgotten how FUNNY it is!

    The look on the audience's face when they were watching Springtime For Hitler? That was just priceless! I bet they were all thinking, "WHAT!?!?!"

    (That's actually what convinced me to buy the soundtrack, just imagining that audience going, "WHAT!?!?!")

    Just after I saw the movie, and soon after I bought the DVD, I'd find myself steaming milk at work humming Springtime For Hitler. It was either that or Keep It Gay.

    Soon after seeing that in the theatre my Myspace screenname was "May I Take Your Hats, Your Coats And Your Swastikas?" People who haven't seen the movie probably wouldn't get the Springtime For Hitler reference.

    And the fact that they ended the musical number with, "Heil Hitler!"
    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    "All you hotsy totsy Nazis stand and cheer. All you hotsy Nazis (heil myself!) all you hotsy totsy Nazis (heil myself!)"
  2. I just love The Producers, I actually saw the play in Toronto, it was awesome. Some of the songs are constantly playing in my head! I have the DVD version too but have not gotten the time to watch it but I am sure that I will enjoy it.
  3. The outtakes are hilarious!

    (And I REALLY wish I saw it onstage!)
  4. "I was born in Dusseldorf. That is why they call me Rolf"