The Princesses Closet legit or not??

  1. Does anyone know if The legit or not?? A chick I met over the summer told me about the site but I doubt if she knows if it would be authentic products or not, anyone can make a control card and saw the item is real! Help I need info.:hysteric:
  2. To be honest, I am not sure about this one. The prices seems to good to be true. However, I noticed this site lists an actual physical address in Indiana. Most fake sites don't do that. I even Googled the address and it was a real actual place. I also didn't find any negative info about the company. I found a thread from another fasion related forum, and they didn't seem too sure either. I guess if it were me doing the buying, I would just avoid it since I can't be sure.
  3. What site is this? I googled it but cant seem to find it.
  4. this thread is 2 yrs old. . . .
  5. ^^ I'm a little confused... you guys always tell people to do a search but if they pull up an old one you point out the date. But if they start a new thread about a topic then sometimes they are told to do a search and the topic is closed. I'm just pointing this out because I've seen it happen several times. Is it only with redundant/over posted topics? Jw. TIA
  6. I would've closed this is I had a problem w/ it :smile:
    I was just pointing the age out because often someone bumps an old thread and no one realizes it and starts responding to the OP as if she just asked yesterday, LOL!
    My point is that I'm sure the OP isn't still wondering :idea:
  7. Ha ha. I see some stuff from Princesses Closet on Bonanzle... the prices are quite good - I was looking at a GST - I think I will submit the stuff for authentication anyway just to be sure.