The prices of LVs?


Jan 28, 2006
I've heard that if you buy your bag in Paris or France the price will be a lot it?? and also was the price is the same in every country? thanks
ps. sorry about my english:shame:
France is the cheapest place to buy your LV, that of course, is without taking into account any currency exchanges.

In Europe, definately cheapest in France. Italy is a few/5 % more expensive, I think Spain is the same, Ireland is up to 10 % more, and the UK can be up to 15%, or more, depending on the bag you are purchasing.

Having said that, if you are resident outside the European Union, then you get your taxes back, and apparently, even with the poor dollar/strong euro performance at the moment, this can make it less expensive. :smile:

LV's are also cheaper in Hawaii than in the mainland US because they are concidered Asian Pacific so their prices are a bit cheaper. I found that out not too long ago.
I spent some time converting and it turned out that with the current exchange rate of approx. 1.2 dollars to a euro, the bags in France are still 15-20% CHEAPER. And that is NOT including the VAT you get back! Wow!!
as far as i know france is the cheapest...
in my country, indonesia, speedy30 as an example, is around 700 u$ *isnt that insane... :wacko:*, while in elux is only 585, n in singapore its 990 s$ = +- 600 U$..
i think it depends on the taxes in the country n currency rates..
Actually, seems like the exchange rate has been on the move, and you're right about the price differences now.

_________________Elux (plus tax?)___Vuitton UK_____Vuitton France

MC Speedy 30 ____$1710 ___________£895 _________€1200
Mono Speedy 30___$ 585___________£305 _________ € 410

Using XE currency exchange, at today's rates, you'd get the following;

£895 = $1562
€1200 = $1443

£305 = $ 532
€410 = $ 493

So, seems it's still cheaper for you ladies (gents) to fly into Paris! :biggrin: I have to say though, there has been a change in the currency rates, as this wasn't the case a while back. For example, at the rate today, UK Vuitton is only about 5 - 8% more expensive than France prices, and that is unusual, it's normally much more than that.

Good luck with your purchasing!


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