The price would you pay for a used speedy?

  1. Hi,
    In my previous thread..everyone told me that buying a used speedy 30 (in very good condition) for $500 was too expensive..I was just wondering what would be a good price to pay for it?:graucho:
  2. id say around £200 which is approx $400.

    iv never bought used though so maybe thats high.
  3. Depends on how "used" it is. I would say $300-$400 would be good if it was in a condition where the interior was clean and there was a honey patina to the handles. If it's not very clean and the patina is dark, $250-$300 is better.
  4. I'd say $450 would be good...
  5. I agree!
  6. Around $450, if it's $500, I'd rather pay a tad more to buy new.
  7. I would say that is for you to determine! Any discount on an LV bag is great! I would pay $500 if it looked new!
  8. depends on the condition. little to no patina I would pay $485 or so, if really used and has already turned a medium/dark patina then $300-325. hope this helps.
  9. To be honest it depends wether it is Epi or canvas.
    I have purchased both new and used.

    The Epi mandarin speedy 25 I paid $700.00 for a used one that did not look like it came out of its dustbag:yes: I though this was a great deal since they were no longer in LV boutiques.

    I just purchased a used mono speedy 25 for $309.00. I wanted a good condition used/patinaed bag to knock around.

    Excellent condition (like new) canvas bags I have seen for $500.00

    I have seen other older Epi speedys go for: $400-650 pending the color. Lilac/red/mandarin/ivorie/vanilla go for much higher than yellow/toledo/myrtille/Borneo. Canelle and mocha are also on the higher end $.
  10. very good with darken cowhide, I'll pay $350 and for the one with light cowhide, I'll pay around $400-450 :confused1: if the price is not too much cheaper than the brand new one from LV store, then go for brand new ;)
  11. Near "Mint": $485-ish, maybe $500
    Lightly Patina'd handles: app. $450
    Medium Patina: $400 to $425
    Dark: $350 to $375
  12. Like new mono speedy 30 - I would pay up to $450
    Damier speedy 30 - I would pay up to $500

    Most damier speedy's continue to look new if they were taken care of. Mono speedy's are in higher supply which is why I would pay less.
  13. I just sold an excellent condition/ Like new Monogram Speedy 30 for $550. It was made in France. Now, I am sorry I sold it and am looking for another. :crybaby:
  14. i bought mine for A$480. It is in dark handle ondition and a bit worn out. i wish I could bargain more with mine.
    try to bargain with the seller. If you don;t ask question you don't know.
    The seller might sacrifice a bit rather than wait for the auction to end (I assume you use eBay).
  15. This sounds fair. You can hang out for a better deal though, they do come up. I bought a 35 with a beautifullly even honey patina and with the canvas and lining in perfect condition for $300. They are out there. :smile:

    For $500 I'd expect it to be pretty darn brand new!