The Price of Your Favorite Bag Today versus 2 Years Ago...

  1. Just out of curiosity, has anyone noticed how much the price of your favorite handbag has gone up since you bought it a few years ago? I know the price of all leather products has risen dramatically. Anyone?:yes:
  2. I refuse to let myself think about it. :p
  3. Price increase is not the main reason. Well, my taste has also progressed, and especially after I joined this forum. Decades ago, my bags were less than $100 each. Two years ago, they were in the low hundreds. Before I joined the forum a few months ago, the price of my bags ranged from $500 to under $2000. Now, they are up towards $10K. My next bag, and also my dream bag, will be around $25K (if I am lucky to get it).
  4. Whew...Christiflora, you are out of my league!!! :rolleyes: I have noticed that my taste has changed, too, within the last couple of years or so. I was just wondering if anyone had noticed perhaps percentage-wise, just how much their favorite bag has gone up within the last few years.......
  5. Price of bags i carry now- 1200ish
    price of my bags from 2 years ago- vintage stores.. you do the math. ;) and this is my 666th post!! :devil:
  6. The prices went up from about $200 to $2500. OH MY:sad:

    Two years ago I wanted this plum colored Coach purse and that bag is STILL difficult to find. Since that time, I was able to find one that was a newer version of "the one".

    Last year it was the Carlos Falchi Python Drawstring. Still want it and it's a little cheaper than last year.

    Today I STILL want that Prada Gauffre in brown.
  7. I have the medium sized LV Montsouris backpack, bought it 5 years ago. When I purchased it, it was I think with tax about $640. I have been watching it off and on on and it now sells for $1000, WOW!!!!! What a mark-up. I cant believe it has gone up almost a hundred dollars a year. :wtf:
  8. Absolutely. :yes:

    I still like the same kind of bags, but their prices have gone up exponentially.

    For example, I worked out, recently, that Chloe bags have gone up by about 65.4% in the last 3 years (and it's not as if they were cheap back then!). That's 21.8% per year! :shocked:

    When you bear in mind that inflation, over here, is (supposedly) running at between 1.6% and 3%, I honestly think it's got beyond a joke and I will only buy a bag that I am completely obsessed with (and that is in mortal danger of selling out) at full price, now.
  9. My tastes have changed and my price thresholds have gone up to, $1500 seems about normal to me now, but I get kind of quesy at $2k.
  10. my first mj venetia - 1st season production - was 895. now, its 1025. 4 yrs ago i think???