The Price of Vanity/Extreme Beauty

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  1. Cosmetic Surgery.
    If it can land you a good job ? or find you a husband ? If it makes you feel better about herself.

    Then what makes it wrong ?

    What makes it right ?

    Your opinions please.
  2. I feel there is nothing wrong with a little nip and tuck when needed. After have 3 children, my girls (boobs) were completely south of where they used to live, ya know, up north. So with a lot of thought, a super wonderful surgeon, and a whole lot of pain later. They are home again! And I have absolutely no regrets.
  3. I'm not sure if I can fully say, since I'm 20, I haven't dealt with certain issues that come with aging. My opinion for now is that unless in drastic situations, you need to learn to love the body you're in- and feel beautiful in your own way. Anyone can find flaws in ones own appearance and want them changed. I don't want this to come out wrong, but I consider myself an attractive person- not totally due to my physical appearance. I'm really outgoing and have a kind of crazy personality, I've learned to play up my big eyes and cute cheeks. I work out so I'm healthy and happy with my body ( took a long time to acheive that.) I take extra time to do my hair in the morning. I have teeeeny tiny boobs. ( I'm barely a B since I've lost weight.) There have been times when I've been like "ugh, I just wish I could get these little guys some surgery have have a nice big chest!" but......

    Then I asked myself why need large breasts to feel womanly and sexy. Just because our culture endorses breasts that look like cantaloupes(sp?) or inflated balloons doesn't make them beautiful. The media also tells me that I should be so thin I look like I'm starving.... if having the perfect body means slicing open my chest and having large forgeign objects placed in it- and then suctioning any small amount of fat from my body... well then count me out! Yes, sometimes I wish my nose were a little smaller, my tummy a littler flatter, my etc... but having multiple surgeries isn't going to give me self-confidence, it's just going to make me insecure about something else.

    Still, this is my perspective. I have no idea about the psychological affects a plastic surgery may have on someone else. I guess I became really disgusted with this whole kind of surgery when I watched an episode of Dr. 90210 on E! A teenage girl was going in for her second plastic surgery ( she previously had an rhynoplasty..sp?) She was getting breast implants. I felt so sick/sad when she was talking about her new chest. She was like..."They're so cute and they make my shirts look so good. My boyfriend loves them. Some girls don't need big boobs because they're pretty...people like me need them." I was so disheartened. I guess I have a hard time seeing plastic surgery as something more than glorified self-mutilation- but not in all situations!

    If you just want your breasts to return to normal after children, I see that as a totally different situation than a teenage girl wanted her chest inflated for some kind of dillusional quest for self-confidence.

    I don't mean to offend anyone with my views- just thinking out loud. and I honestly have no idea how I'll feel about it in the future. :smile:
    PS. if any of that came off as being overly judgemental & all high and might, not my intentions!
  4. I'm 49, and have had a fleeting thought of having some "work done" (maybe around the eyes or tightening up under my chin). BUT, the sister of my husband's best friend died last year at the age of 35 after tummy tuck surgery. She was doing fine, home from the hospital for 2 days recovering when she died in her sleep (threw a clot and suffered a pulmonary embolism). After that, I don't think I could bring myself to go under anathesia and have surgery unless it was to save my life. Surgery is surgery whether cosmetic or not, and with every surgery there are serious risks. It's not worth my life to look a few years younger.
  5. If the surgery on the outside can fix the insecurities on the inside than it would be ideal. However, that is not the case with many people. I am only 32 and don't think I could EVER go under a knife. When I was in my 20s I wanted bigger boobs, different nose, etc. Not any more. I am really comfortable in my skin now. I look at my granny (who is turning 90 next year) and see nothing but a beautiful woman!
  6. if people would work as hard on the internal as they do the external, they would probably be so comfortable with themselves, hence project that confidence and no longer want cosmetic surgery. but like everything else in life, there are exceptions (disfigurement, etc.) like spotting fake designer bags, I can always tell when someone has had some work done. sadly, facial work always looks "waxy", or the boobs look "bolted on."
    just my opinion.:smile:
  7. I look at my granny (who is turning 90 next year) and see nothing but a beautiful woman!

    your attitude needs to be cloned!;)

  8. For me, it's wrong when it's done for someone else.

    Health reasons make it right, I include Mental Health in that.

    On a personal level, I will be having some work done, and hopefully sooner than later.
    I just turned 31 and have 3 children including a set of twins.
    I am unlucky genetically apparently . . .
    I'm considered short {5'2"-5'3"} and have no torso. For a gal like me to carry twins. . . . well, it wreaked TOTAL havoc!
    My abdominal muscles split down the center and apparently they don't repair themselves, this also is apparently VERY common in multiples pregnancies.
    I lost pretty much all my pregnancy weight, I'm only 6lbs heavier today than I was 6 years ago when I conceived my daughter - pretty good if you ask me.
    But I'll never wear a swimsuit again like this, and I feel I'm MUCH, MUCH too young to feel this way. Not to mention the muscle sitch is killing my back. Also, my husband and I LOVE to travel and would like to buy some land on a Carribbean Island sometime soon as well. He's in great shape, but I just am uninterested in lounging in swimwear at this point.
    So, I'll be in for a little nip & tuck this year.
    I gave my body 2 full years and I'm just dissatisfied still.
    I'm lucky to have the means to have it done and a husband who fully supports me one way or the other.
  9. I being one who underwent a procedure because every time I wore a bathing suit top, or trying 1000 different bras that could never fit correctlyafter having children makes me uncomfortable with who I am??? I think not. Let me tell you going to the beach and unknowingly falling out of my top, now that is slightly uncomfortable. Also when just wearing a plain ol' t-shirt and jeans and it happens in the mall, yeah I guess you could say that would make one a little uncomfortable with ones self. Fortunately for some women we have the option to put things back where they were once before we had babies etc. My main question is WHY do most people assume feeling and looking good for youself would mean there is something wrong going on inside?

    I dont want to cause world war 3, but I do believe everyone should take into consideration all kinds of different reasons people have plastic surgery. Not just the fact there is something wrong internally.
  10. Exactly.
  11. It's stereotyping, just like everyone assuming Americans are idiots.
    Not everyone has plastic surgery because they're whack!
    Some of us need it because our muscles were torn apart by carrying children or other good reason.
  12. if you read my post, I said there are exceptions. (disfigurement, etc.) I believe having your body "torn apart" by a pregnancy constitutes "disfigurement".
  13. My appologies bagnshoogetish,
    I guess I pictured disfigurements more toward a birth defect or something of the sort.
    swankymamaof3 and pursegalsf it is so nice to know there are women who truely understand what I mean regaurdless of you having had surgery or are just simply contemplating it. ;) Thank You.
  14. I felt the same way when I read "disfigurements". I gave the benfit of the doubt to her "etc . . . " because I surely don't consider myself disfigured! LOL!
    I picture the Elephant Man as disfigured!
  15. no problem. I guess I should have chosen a softer word than "disfigurement". it does sound kinda' extreme auto accident when I re-read it. I just don't know what other word would work? any suggestions?
    Have a good night ladies and I do hope that your surgeries come out safely and bring you restoration.