the price of Fendi B.Bag in Hong Kong

  1. Does anyone know the price of medium Fendi B.Bag in Hong Kong? Thank you :smile:
  2. hi there, i was also wondering the price of the cognac spy in hongkong will be there next month.
  3. From my memory the spy is around 16800 and similar for Large Fendi B, I guess medium is around 12000-14000?
  4. btw i am going to hk next month too@!!! I am hoping that I could find some great balenciaga deal from the secondhandshop. Also considering a Fendi B medium or Hermes Garden party or Goyard.
  5. im thinking of checking out the 2nd hand shops too!!!! ive been lusting for a goyard white st.louisfor the longest time, but i was thinking i'd get a spy 1st