The price increase is in!

  1. The BH and popincourt haut both up $40 to $815 and $825. Speedy 25 and 30 to $595 and $620.

    Pretty steep increases, imo. Less than 10%, but still too much when added on top of the Feb. increase.
  2. No kidding, is this going to be there new policy - to increase prices 2x a year?
  3. :sad: Le Fab went up US$200.00!!!:shocked:
  4. Damn, I should have bought more stuff when I was in France last week :sad:
  5. Yeah, it makes me glad that I got the popincourt haut, but a little upset that I didn't get the Alma that I want for Fall. (The alma went up $45 to $880).
  6. Any idea when the next increase will be?
  7. Wow! pretty steep! I've just checked the LV site & the yhaven't put up prices over here in the UK yet but I'm sure it won't be long til we follow suit! Infact, I'm sure that when I checked the other day, the Mono Speedy was £295, but now its showing as £290?? I must be mistaken though!

    humm, maybe I should order my Epi speedy now..... while its still £440
  8. That seems like so much.
  9. How come the prices have not gone up on eluxury.
  10. I figured the MC keepall would end up being 2500 even but its 2590...! WOW!

    My future watch went up, I guess I wont be getting the alligator strap now lol. :sad:
  11. On elux you need to click on each item to see the increased price
  12. If you guys go to and then go to the search box and type in Louis Vuitton, once that page opens up you will see a little scroll box with RELEVANCE inside it, click it down and go to HIGH TO LOW, it shows literally everything eluxury had and then some! I see things on there I have never saw before while just looking through the old way!
  13. Darn! I was on vaction while this was all happening. I had no idea this was comming :sad:
  14. I totally agree !!
  15. The Popincourt Haut is now $825.00.:rant: :censor: :mad: