The price for the luxury handbag is double in 6 years

  1. I was ordering my Louis Vuitton Damier speedy 30 today from eLuxury, and found that eLuxury actually keep all the order history from my first order. I went through all my order history to see what I had purchased, and my first purchase from eLuxury is the the LV Monogram Pochette in March 2001, and was only $140. Now the price for the Pochette is $285. Pirce is double in 6 year!
  2. WOW, I cannot believe that. People really got bargains way back when!
  3. when i made my last LV purchase, the SA explained to me that they werent very good at increasing the prices of their classics with inflation. so over the last few years theyve slowly crept up. but if you look at their classic styles, theyre always a better deal than the new ones (think papillon, speedy, etc)

  4. Unfortunately, I think it's more a case of people being really ripped off, now. :sad:
  5. Yes.... that is why I bought my Chanel classic flap last year.
    Every year, the price goes up and up. I hope my salary goes up each year like that HAHA..
  6. ^ LOL! Dream on! :lol:
  7. :yes: It would be not bad at all: 100% increase in 6 years!
  8. Oh yeah price increases have been nuts! When I first started buying LV it was about 3 or 4 years ago - my papillon 26 was like $410.00 - and I bought my speedy 25 for around $450.00. The price increases were so frequent that when I sold my near-new speedy 25 (to fund the purchase of a 30) I actually made like $20.00 off of it like 6 months later :nuts:

    When I bought my speedy 30, if memory serves, it was in the low-mid $500.00 range. Now they're in the 6's.
  9. I remember when I bought my first LV speedy 35 like back in 1997, It was around $350, and my french wallet is around $250. That was a large purchase for me during that time. I think LV price didn't increase from 1997 - 2001, but had increase dramatically after 2002. But I think this is not only the case of LV, most of luxury bags had increase their price in the last 5 year, Chanel is another good example.
  10. This thought won't apply to the exact same bag, but the size of bags we have been wearing has doubled as well . So, I can see why the rest of the handbags have doubled in price.:idea:
  11. I bought my Speedy 35 in 2005 for $580. It is now $645.
  12. The handbag bubble will burst and the design houses of Chanel, etc...can congratulate themselves for alienating their loyal customers who helped them make record profits for the last decade. And I for one am looking forward to the crash. Greed will be their downfall and the attempt to make fools of their clients.
  13. I agree Layla...these companies are out of their minds with the prices. Can you imagine that these bags could pay for two mortgages, or a semester of college tuition etc? Chanel especially has gone nuts...and I can't for the life of me understand why people spend so much on LV's when they are so often faked-and the fakes are harder and harder to tell apart because they have gotten so good at making them now that they are both made in China!:wtf: