The Pretty PTI Club-Mama of all wallets :)

  1. Come join the pretty PTI club.

    List and post pics of your PTI :love:

    I have a mini mono PTI in cherry that I :heart:. will post pics as soon as I fix my camera :crybaby:
  2. Same here..too late for my pictures (which I now have to watermark thanks to fakers :rant: ) but I'll post the pictures of my mom's and my wallets..2 peppermint vernis, 2 fuchsia vernis, the monogram canvas and the black MC.
  3. Here they are :love: :
  4. I love the PTI! But I wish the MC and Suhali PTI's had 6 CC slots. I have 2 Mat Mono's - they are so durable! I am hesitant about getting a vernis PTI - any opinions? Has anyone had a color transfer problem?

  5. wowsa, Lvbabydoll, I am so in awe of your PTI's!!!! :love:
  6. Thanks! :flowers:
    If you want a vernis one, I'd go with as dark a color as possible. I haven't had any trouble with the fuchsia so far, but the peppermint..ick. It's really delicate.
    I'd go with indigo, fuchsia, framboise, bronze or red if possible. A couple of those colors are discontinued, but they're all the darkest and easiest to care for. :yes:
  7. Drool over your PTIs...wellI pretty much drool over all your collections
  8. Thanks for the info! I have a red vernis ludlow that I use on vacation and haven't had any problems. Maybe I'll try a vernis PTI.... (this club is bad for my wallet!)
  9. [​IMG]

    Only the MC ones are PTI's. The fuchsia and framboise ones are the pochette wallets.
  10. my MC PTI!:P :heart:
    DSC03901.JPG DSC03928.JPG
  11. Mono pti here and love it!

    [​IMG] I'd love to add a vernis one some day :yes:
  12. My monogram wallet is actually a Porte Tresor Monnaie; very similar to PTI (see coin compartment on back). It's a discontinued model.

    P1010002.jpg P1010003.jpg

    These are my monogram mat PTIs:
  13. New one to add-the Groom, and the other picture of the rest of them :love:
    100_6685.jpg PTIwallets.JPG
  14. I just realized I can post in yet another club! Yay!!!This pic shows my pti with my mono simple checkbook cover inside.
    Picture 009.jpg
  15. Yay, finally a member of this club! The PTI has got to be the most brilliant wallet ever - it can fit everything and still not look bulky - I can even fit my passport in there! I'm so glad I got it :love: