The Pretty Pastels

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  1. I know these have appeared here and there in this subforum, but I thought I would share this editorial from the PurseBlog this week.

    I think this is such a great direction for LV, the colors are excellent, and I especially love the pops of color when used like this!


    You can view the [​IMG]and do drop back in and tell us your favorite.
  2. I sure do love these colors so Spring and so pretty. The Lilas is my fave!
  3. Love the spring colors!

  4. me too!!!❤️ so much fun!!👍
  5. They are certainly very pretty and very much suitable for spring. I do wonder if they will look outdated. I understand epi is making a comeback but there is an undeniable fact that many epi bags remain unsold and of lower value in the secondary market. I hope Nic G can give new and sustainable life to the epi. I hope the colors will remain unfaded and unscratched after a long usage, too.