The Pretty In Pink Club!!!

  1. There's a red club, so why not a pink club? Show us your lovely pink LV things here! :love:

    Here's my pink goodies...

    A Vernis Cles and Small Ring Agenda in Frambois

  2. Awwww. No one whats to join the pink club??
  3. Your agenda and key ring are sooo pretty! You're going to make me buy something pink just to join your club!:p
  4. I'll do a group pic later, too (because I also have a Marshmallow Petronia St. that I don't have a single pic of) but here are the pics I have in my photobucket for now:
    Framboise Houston, Fuchsia Lexington, Fuchsia PTI

    Pink Sullivan Vertical:

    Pink scarf:

    Framboise Inclusion Speedy:

    Fuchsia Perfo Bandeau:

    Fuchsia Perfo Musette:

    Fuchsia Charms Pochette:

    Marshmallow 4 key holder:
  5. I wanna join, but I'm waiting for my new arrival. :tender: I'll post pics as soon as she gets here!
  6. i love pink!!! but i dont have any pink LV:crybaby:
  7. I love pink:nuts:
    DSC04781.JPG DSC04287.JPG DSC04509.JPG
  8. Woohoo pink members!! :yahoo:

    I love pink! Great pink LV's everyone. I can't wait to see more! :wlae:
  9. [​IMG][​IMG]
    my pink!!!!
  10. [​IMG]
    miy mini pleaty :love:
  11. Oh I love everyone's pink!

    Here's my two framboise babies......
    LV Fram Ludlow 04.jpg LV framboie Coeur 01.jpg LV framboise family 01.jpg
  12. ^^ so cute!!
  13. Lovely pieces you guys! You're making me ache for a fram piece :love:
  14. So pretty...I want one in pink!!! Congrats!
  15. Vernis Bedford in Marshmallow


    Cherry Blossom Papillon (i know it's the red/creme combination, but the canvas itself is pink too :shame:smile:


    Monogram Mini Cruise Trapeze PM in Rose


    Inclusion Speedy Keychain and Ring in Berry, and Bracelet PM in Berry and Pink