The prettiest keepall yet! And new LV luggage bags of the Tobago line!


Jan 9, 2006
Staten Island, New York
I really like the blue one and the red one! Those are good for someone like me, because my family drives everywhere. We've driven to Florida, to Tennessee from NY! So I don't have to worry about checking it and worrying about someone going through it.

Plus only the educated, like us will know that the leather ones are LV, 'cause they wouldn't be looking for the logo, which I like a lot better than the mono.


Jan 6, 2006
I carried all the carryalls today (pun intended). :biggrin:

The Monogram version
The shape: The lady took it out of a giant dust bag. The bag was not flat packed (or could not be). It actually held its shape very well. When she took out the paper inside, it became more slouchy, but that also gave it a lot more character. Its also not as blocky as expected, quite curvy when you looked from the side.

Volume: Looks like it can hold 3 small pillows. Its between the size of the keepall 45 and the speedy 40. Talk about micro-niche. But the size makes it more unisex.

Price: Around US 950.

Feels like: It kinda felt like a speedy 40 or a mini-keepall with a stronger skeleton / structure. But its not as minimalistic as the speedy (which is the epitome of the "less is more"). It also lacks the old world charm of the keepall. My friends thought the bag had an instant classic-feel (ie euphemism for very "auntie").

Best suited for: A stoic older woman. Or a man who really wants a speedy.

Reviewer's tilt: Value-for-money (volume divided by price), new design that looks old, not destined for greatness. I think I'll pass


Jan 6, 2006
The Tobago Version - Blue

Shape - See above.
Vol - See above.
Price - Around 2K!

Feels like
: The luxurious blue grained leather and the thick white stitching make a world of a difference. Esp the ornamental stitching at the side pockets. The inner lining has <gasp!> the new LV interlocking chain patterns!

If you put the mongram version and the tobago version side-by-side, you would not think its the same design. The difference is almost like the MC speedy and the classic monogram speedy.

Best suited for: A lady who loves understated designs, and would like her man to carry it for her without making him look effeminate.
Or a rich man in his twenties, with refined taste, and about to embark on a rendezvous with a supermodel.

Reviewer's tilt: This is the flashy Taiga. It is the quintessence of understated cool. Few LV fans will know its a LV and even fewer will own one. Grab it, if you have the platinum dough!


Dec 29, 2005
I think the monogram one is cute but its smaller than the smallest keepall. I think keepalls are cuter. I got a keepall 45 and strap off ebay and I can't wait to get them in the mail.

I probably wouldn't buy the big LV luggage that you would have to check b/c I'd be scared it would get ruined or something. And you're still not allowed to lock your luggage unless you have the tsa locks, i think.

But I think a carry-on size is fine b/c it will never leave your sight. I'm gonna use my keepall on my weekend trip to NYC and on a longer trip to Florida in May. I think my speedy 25 holds alot so I think the 45 is gonna be great.


Jan 25, 2006
The carryalls are too cute! Thanks for posting. I haven't seen these before.

PS: I would never check my LV luggage. But then again, my luggage pieces are carry-on size. If for some reason the airline forces me to check them, I don't think I'd go on the flight!


Feb 4, 2006
United States
How big is the carryall? I love this in the monogram. But I was hoping it was a good size to carry as a handbag. Does anyone know the dimensions? Price? Where I can find it in the U.S.?


Flame Head
Feb 1, 2006
maguses said:
I think there are more uses for these bags, then for just plain plane rides.
10 ways to use your new carryalls.
1. Gym bag. It looks almost as good as your taut body.
2. Diaper bag. Its big enough to stuff a wailing baby.
3. Grocery bag. Its time to buy meat in style; plastic is too 90s.
4. For your cruise to the Caribbeans for a secret rendezvous with Orlando Bloom.
5. Large enough to block the parapazzi from taking photos of you (and heavy enough to knock their cameras or heads off).
6. Large enough to hold an automatic, perfect for robbing an unsuspecting bank (a la Evangeline Lilly in Lost).
7. To carry your whips, cuffs and leather gears to your next... erm tupperware party (official answer to husband).
8. As a piggy bank for your thick wads of loose change.
9. To carry the chopped-diced and well-marinated remains to the incinerator. (I hope you are reading this, ****! Stay away from my man!)
10. Lastly, to run away into the sunset, in style!

Too funny!

A friend of mine checked his LV trolley when he went on an overseas flight. If they 'lost' the bag- it's the airlines fault anyway. When you file a claim don't you get money from them?


Mar 18, 2006
shalomjude said:
has anyone seen the shoe bag in this range:nuts: I think I must purchase one but is it too masculine??:shame: I love the tan and blue:love:
Haven't seen it, but have heard it retails for $1650.


Mar 22, 2006
Scotland, UK
I think I prefer the carryall shape. I agree about keeping your luggage with you. Im not sure I would trust anyone not to look through or steel my luggage!