The prettiest keepall yet! And new LV luggage bags of the Tobago line!

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  1. Wow I was sourcing around for a unisex luggage bag for my family and finally, my dream bags are here! So lush and lux! I'm getting palpitations! What should i get, the carryall or the keepall?

    3keepall.jpg 2keepall.jpg 1keepall.jpg
  2. The new carryall!




  3. Are those Epi leather?? Nice!!! The Keepall is a classic, but I like the Carryall too.
  4. Ahh !! The monogram carryall is adorable !
  5. LV luggage is the only LV I will not buy. The thought of people seeing LV makes me think they would really want to attempt to go through my stuff. Maybe I'm just not very trusting.
  6. Its cowhide grain leather! Not dowdy epi.
  7. I am the same way. I think if I was to check my LV baggage when I travel, I will never see it again. I guess it would be OK as a carry on.
    Those are STUNNING though!!!
  8. I love the look of the mono carryall too :love: .I 've often thought of buying LV luggage,but I would worry about it drawing to much attention to it and myself.
  9. That's exactly wha my husband said!! :lol:
    I agree but I do have the Pegasus and I think if you hand carry it (on the plane), it would be fine. But I would never check the bag when I fly.
  10. love the new carryalls!
  11. Once I saw this business man at the airport and he had a personal.. servant (didn't look like a porter!) carrying his two LV suitcases behind hm. Talk about blatantly drawing attention to yourself ! He might as well have had the person carry a giant sign saying "I have money !!".
  12. ^^^I thought I asked my dad to stop doing it!!!:evil: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. I think there are more uses for these bags, then for just plain plane rides.
    10 ways to use your new carryalls.
    1. Gym bag. It looks almost as good as your taut body.
    2. Diaper bag. Its big enough to stuff a wailing baby.
    3. Grocery bag. Its time to buy meat in style; plastic is too 90s.
    4. For your cruise to the Caribbeans for a secret rendezvous with Orlando Bloom.
    5. Large enough to block the parapazzi from taking photos of you (and heavy enough to knock their cameras or heads off).
    6. Large enough to hold an automatic, perfect for robbing an unsuspecting bank (a la Evangeline Lilly in Lost).
    7. To carry your whips, cuffs and leather gears to your next... erm tupperware party (official answer to husband).
    8. As a piggy bank for your thick wads of loose change.
    9. To carry the chopped-diced and well-marinated remains to the incinerator. (I hope you are reading this, ****! Stay away from my man!)
    10. Lastly, to run away into the sunset, in style!
  14. Soo.. LV_addict, would your dad like to adopt another daughter ? :lol:
  15. Any price on the mono carryall? Too cute!