The pregnant Linda Evangelista

  1. She will be on the cover of the August issue of Vogue. She's the first model, not a Hollywood star, to be featured on the magazine's cover in more than a year. Her pals from the supermodel heyday a decade ago are also faring well - At 36, Naomi Campbell is still queen of the catwalk, Kate Moss, 32, is starring in a halfdozen designer ad campaigns this season, including a fall Versace campaign that also features Christy Turlington, Angela Lindvall, Carolyn Murphy and Daria Werbowy.

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  2. she is pregnant in those pictures? she still looks very good!
  3. I was just looking at photos on when I came across this pic of Linda. She definitely looks more pregnant but still just as beautiful!
  4. Thank god!!! I'm so sick of seeing actresses/musicians on fashion mags (especially the likes of Britney, K. Hudson, J. Simpson, etc..) How I miss the models. :sad:
  5. Doesn't look pregnant at all! I wish I look like that if I do get pregnant!
  6. She looks stunning:love:
  7. i love her. she was the first supermodel that i really thought was beautiful. so unique, so stunning, much better than the brinkley form of beauty. she and iman. what great features.
  8. Urgh, me too!!
  9. She looks amazing!!!! I can't wait to see her on the cover of Vogue!
  10. ME TOO!! Nice to see MODELS on these covers.
    Linda looks amazing!! :yes:
  11. She's one of my favourite models too.... Figure & Face...

    What I admire about her is the way she changes her hair color & still looks stunning...