the prada ad in vogue november 2006

  1. does anyone know what style it is and how much? i looooveeeee the colors... its so refreshing to start seeing color..thanks!
  2. I KNOWW!
    They are making my leather Gauffre bag into a nylon bright colored version...ME WANT ONE BAD!!!!!

    Hoping to see one in Paris next week..If I do..That bad boy IS MINE...LOLOLOL!
  3. I Know, they are adorable, yummy, they look like candy. PLEASE post any info you find, price, where to buy etc.

    Do you think this will become a waitlist thing? If so tell me how to go about it, I have never waitlisted a thing in my life, but it seems these days it is the only way no to miss out

  4. Pics? please?
  5. does anyone know hoe much these will be? i really like the tote version as well. i cant find any info on these "rainbow" bags....i **NEED** a navy one stat.
  6. how much*
  7. you guys are talking about the primary color like ones right?

    i've been trying to find info too. because i loveeeeeeeeed the colors.

    so please! anyone with info. i'll try to find my issue, it was american i remember?
  8. There's a photo in this month's Elle.
  9. I think the smallest ones are going to be $1575 and the larger ones at least $1700 - a lot of $$ for nylon! Argh!!
  10. No pics...?! :sad:
  11. can someone scan the ad in so we all can see? i unfortunately have limited access to vogue (3 babies, not much time to read or run out for myself). you pfers have piqued my interest in these new bags!
  12. They are going to be $1575. I went to my Saks Prada for their trunk show last week . Let me tell you they are going to be AMAZING!!!!!! I cant wait and yes the waitlists were already started that day. I am getting a blue one and I also mya get a red"pink" one :smile:
  13. Piiiics......???
  14. Is this the ad to which everyone is referring? I'm a bit of an ad freak tore this one out, since I adored both the ad and the bags, but I can't recall which magazine I gutted for it. Sorry about the bad quality of the scan; it was a huge ad.

    The last view is for the sake of the lovely green bag, which ended up a little neglected in the initial scans. It's gorgeous!
    adprada.jpg greenbag.jpg
  15. i loved that ad in harper's bazaar as well! ;)