The Power of the CDC Cuff

  1. DD and I are on our mainland trip....we have been "sharing" the CDC cuff, and joking about its powers...(eg how our luggage was first off the plane, and so on)

    (Now, I had planned on leaving it to her in my will, but it looks so dang great on her (14) that I just love to see it. She loves how it makes her feel like she can kick a$$, too!)

    So she wore it on the plane from HNL to Sacramento. The red eye. I had booked our hotel in Sacramento for the night before our arrival, to be sure I could get in and shower, etc, and I had called several times, including from the airport in HNL to remind them I would be arriving at 6AM and to be sure they held my room for me.

    After driving from SFO in the wee hours, I arrived at my hotel in Sacramento and was told there was no room for me....:wtf::wtf: They had NOT held it!!! ARGH

    I calmly took our my comfirmations, explained how many times I had called and who I had spoken to --all to be certain we would have our room, and so on....

    I was beginning to feel like this:cursing::cursing: and was so tired and ready for a shower, and NOT GETTING ANYWHERE, as the hotel is booked solid...

    Then, I hear a CLINK on the counter, and look to my left, to see that DD has taken off the CDC!:p

    I quietly slipped it on, calmly repeated my circumstances and my request...

    .....So, to make a long story I am sitting here writing you from the executive floor, in my lovely mini which I was immediately whisked, and for which I was comped the first night, given complimentary breakfasts and so on....

    Was it the CDC??? of course it was!!!!!
  2. so that's what i needed when i was in nyc for the meet and greet and the sheraton (after calling and speaking to the manager) did not have my room at 7 am when i arrived and i feel asleep in the lobby chair until they had my room ready at NOON. i really wish isus would have happend along and slipped her gorgeous cdc on my wrist so they would have removed the drooling old sleeping lady to a room. you are truly a lucky hermes girl.
  3. OMG! It has MAGICAL powers!!! How sweet to get a comped Suite!
  4. Aww!!!!
  5. Wow!:nuts:
  6. loren....had I known you were waiting, I would have slipped you the CDC and invited you to crash in my room until yours was ready......
  7. Thats what I mean! That would have been me! A red eye, a two hour drive...seriously. I figure this bracelet has saved me $$.

    Oh, and after the first day of the expo, they said we would have to pay again for parking when we came back for the night show...Last year it was not like that, but anyway, we went back to the hotel, changed, added the CDC cuff to our wardrobe, came back for the show, and guess what!!!

    Free parking. :yahoo:
    And not just for me.
    For everybody!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  8. Scared them, did ya?
  9. It sounds similar to Wonder Woman's magic cuff.
  10. this is so funny -- everyone needs one lol!!!
  11. Okay, I need to wear my CDC more often! GREAT story! And kudos to you for keeping totally calm, cool, and collected.
  12. You have given me the only reason I need now to get me my own CDC cuff. Everyone needs a good luck magical bracelet. Great story... thanks.
  13. Great story- maybe I need a cdc!
  14. Great story, CB. My fave part was where your DD quietly removed the bracelet and slipped it over to you. I could totally visualize that. Cracked me up. Very cute.

    I hate to bring this up...but maybe DD could use her very own "bracelet of power?"
  15. love the story. hmmm, getting us all thinking about the cdc!!!