The Pot Calling The Kettle Black =)

  1. I am amazed at the calls of "Fake" or "Real" on most of the brand forums here. All of us eBay sellers of authentic handbags are sick of eBay challenging us and, in a back-ended way, accusing us of selling fake merchandise (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) and yet I see replies everyday here in the brand forums that consist of one word only: "FAKE." No explanation. No reason. Just "Fake." How easy (how "eBay") Don't you all think the "experts" on this forum should explain their reasoning rather than, in a few cases, relying on their "500+ posts?"

    I know none of us want to pay good money for fake merchandise, but we all need to realize how easy it is for someone we don't know from Adam (including me =) to tell you "Fake'; or "Real" and we tend to accept that because it came from TPF. Don't be silly.

    I know a little about Prada and a lot about Gucci, but very little about, oh say, Chloe, or Balenciaga. Yet I can post "FAKE!!" as often as I want on any forum. Or "REAL!!" Is that fair? I think we all need to back up what we say. If you say if it's fake, say why you believe that. If real, say why you believe that. No one on this forum is infallable, and I think it does an injustice to honest resellers for certain members to cry "Fake" without backing it up.

    For that matter, when these same "certain people" tell you something is "authentic" without an explanation. . . .what does that mean? I see so many posts that say only, "FAKE!" or, better yet, "Oh yeah this is real!" Without more information those posts are meaningless. And just because someone posts 1000 times doesn't change the fact that we don't know them. What is their opinion worth without an explanation?

    I removed your racial slurs, their NOT allowed at all, ZERO TOLERANCE, a sincere apology wouldn be appreciated
  2. You have an excellent point. The funny thing is that more than half the people on ebay are on this board as well. So how do you know the person selling the handbag is not replying to your opinion- Just something for everyone to think about. Always cover your butt when buying a designer handbag and make sure you pay a way that will guarantee a full refund. Let your payment be on your side.
  3. well... most of the authenticators do give a reason for why they think a particular bag is fake. The heatstamp is off or the stitching is wrong or whatever. I'm not an authenticator, but if someone is asking about a bag that I personally own, I pull it and compare.

    Sometimes a fake bag is just so obvious that they probably don't give a reason.
  4. I agree with Colleen that some items are just too obvious :yes: ... but i wouldnt judge too quickly ppl who only say fake or real... first of all u almost always get a second or more opinions, then gals take care of their reputation here and noone would meanly say something is fake when it is real and vice versa ! because that would be quickly discovered by other, honest PFers and sofa king would be nearby waiting for such behaviour:sad:
  5. people would be quickly uncovered if they were quoting things as fake or real incorrectly, there's just TOO many eyes here.
    Also, almost every authentication I read gives reasons why the person thinks it's fake.

    Also, surely everyone here knows that these are merely opinions:yes:
  6. Sometimes I post just fake or real when I look at it only because its usually the same reason. Leather is off, stitching, hardware doesn't look right.

    I always look for more than one opinion too. None of us gets paid for it so its merely our opinion. I appreciate that someone takes the time to look at the item.
  7. I agree with you to a certain extent, and some items are obviously fake (I love that little black credit-card style "Gucci authentification card" =) But I see so-called experts often label an entire website "fake" with no explanation. I don't think it's fair.

    For example, was blasted out of the water a few months back by so-called experts. . . .with no explanation except the shield of their "expert-hoodness" =) Turns out they were and are wrong. (I think Vlad stepped in somewhere along the way and said something like this.) Sabine's sells authentic merchandise. And so do some other small, family owned resellers. Deal with it. Sabine's has had to deal with the aftermath of those unsubstantiated claims of Fake. All I am saying is back it up or don't say it. I mean, really . . . any one of us could go on the LV forum and proclaim everything we see as fake, and just say something dumb, like "trust me. . . I have been buying LV's since Gustave was a boy" and some folks would believe us. Irresponsible. But possible =)
  8. I always state why or why not I believe a bag is real or fake. I do this to support my claim, and to educate others so they can look for the same.

    I never make an uneducated guess on the authenticity of a bag. I agree, there are authentic sellers on ebay trying to make honest money and we need to support them by giving them the respect they deserve, but it is the bad seeds, the bad sellers, that are ruining it for those good people. And you know what I mean by bad sellers, those who constantly list fakes and then scam hundreds of dollars from good people. We wouldn't be so jaded otherwise.

    Most of us girls here have been scammed at least once on ebay. And how many of us are on this forum? hundreds, thousands? I'd rather be safe than sorry.
  9. Of course it's not a failsafe method of authentication and mistakes will sometimes be made, but members here are authenticating for free and for most people, getting a second, or third, opinion is better than going it alone.

    As Swanky says, if a member consistently called wrongly, particularly if they couldn't back up their opinions, they would be challenged.

    Also, some people don't give details because they are worried that counterfeiters read this forum and will be informed of the discrepancies that make their bags detectable from the genuine article.

    I think the best advice, is to remember that an authentication is just one member's opinion and if you don't know anything about a brand/bag yourself, try to wait to get at least two more opinions before even considering acting on them.

    Oh and don't look a gift horse in the mouth! :lol:
  10. I am far from expert enough to offer authentication opinions, but occasionally will mention 'usual markings' on brands with which I am very familiar. I have never asked for an 'authenticate this' opinion, but if I did, I would do so on the basis that I was asking for just that - an opinion. Now, I happen to believe that the opinions on here are generally informed, responsive and more knowledgeable than me in authentication, but they are, like almost all 'knowledge' in the world, fallible, open to challenge and not definitive. My job then is to weigh the opinions I get here with my own research and decide how much merit to afford what I've learned. I am sure most people do the same and I learn masses from others by the way they explain themselves, make great calls, highlight trends, change their minds and yes, sometimes make mistakes. So, I don't see this as pots and kettles more like adding to my armoury in the pursuit of knowledge!
  11. That is why I don't read the "authenticate this" threads on this forum that often. I have seen alot of errors in opinions. Errors affect a reputable seller's business. I usually stay out of Coach Signature authentications on ebay because it just isn't my area. Someone posted on another thread that they gave an opinion on ebay & were chased away. Yes, there are some posts there where someone says authentic and they are obviously wrong. I could say more, but decline because I will probably put my foot in my mouth.

    Some people believe counterfitters will use the authentication posts to improve their fakes so it will be harder to tell the fakes from the authentics.
  12. YEAH! THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT! I love generalizations and stereotypes and racism!

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  13. I agree that it's important to offer reasons with an opinion because that is how people learn to look and because authentication from photos, although this varies by brand, some brands being easier, is not always foolproof. I know of 2 instances here where authentic bags were called fake and I'm sure there are more and I'm sure there have been instances of fake bags labeled authentic (I remember vaguely one way way back) but I think that makes it even more imperative to give reasons because that way the judgment can be evaluated. Otherwise, it just isn't worth as much. Yes, many fakes are obvious. But, what's obvious to one person may not be obvious to a person new to either ebay or other online venues for purchasing or new to designer bags. Look at how many times members have queried about buying a 1000+ It bag for 2 or 3 hundred dollars on ebay, for example, when most of us know that's impossible. That's why, if someone asks a question here, I think our obligation as fellow members is educative, even if we are repeating ourselves--not to show how much we know (or in some cases don't really know), but to elucidate our reasoning processes.
  14. You know, authenticate this is one way to make sure that an item is real. Most of these girls that authenticate items are really nice and selfless to sit on this forum and try to help someone not get caught up in a fake bag. For the most part they're right 97 percent of the time. There are going to be times when some may not be right, but why are you getting mad at them?

    We see the same bags over and over again. So generally we know leathers, we know fonts, we know hardware factors, we know sellers. Point is, we don't just look at the bag in front of us, we look at a history. Some of these people who authenticate really research this. Most of them will tell you what's wrong with it so next time you look, you'll be a little more educated. You don't have to take the authenticators advice. If you think the bag is real and don't believe someone whose seen the bag 1000 times on ebay may be wrong. Buy the bag, bring it home, and check it for errors.

    But let's talk about the people wanting something authenticated. You can go both ways with this. Many times, the authenticatee hasn't doesn't done any research on the bag they want. They just know they want one....for cheap most of the time. So they hit ebay and go backwards on price. They find about 8 or 9 of the same bag around the same price they are willing to pay and then post them all on authenticate this.

    Then they wait for someone to come around and tell what's wrong with the 8 or 9 bags they posted on authenticate this. After the 3rd or 4th bag, why go into the details of what's wrong with the bag when you've already explained it for the 3 or 4th time in that post AND the 20th time that day. Not to mention the authenticatee many times doesn't listen to what the authenticator just said and does the same thing all over again.

    Just like they don't want clutter on the boards themselves, why should we have it in authenticate this? If people just scrolled through the last 2 pages of authenticate this, they would probably already find the bag they were looking at. If they used other resources on the forum as well, they could learn more about the bag they want.

    I just don't understand the complaining. Some of these girls do a FANTASTIC job and we occasionally get a fake or stay away. But we also get a rubber stamp authentic when it's a well known seller. I don't see anyone complaining when we say it's authentic and not explaining why. I just hope that you all appreciate what some of the authenticate this regulars do because they may not be around if you complain about them too much.
  15. I really do take my hat off to The Authenticators because they spend ALOT of time doing this. ALot of times people that post just wanted to know whether it's authentic or not. Period. they don't really need to know why. Some of them ask why and the authenticators on the threads I'm usually will take the time to explain. If authenticators had to write an explaination for every post, it would take way too long.

    And you know what i worry about giving long explainations? That trolls are around posting their stuff or wanting to know why theirs is fake so they can go back to their factory and tell the factory how to improve those fakes. I trust the ppl on the authentication boards. For those bags that I know more about, if they came up with a different opinion I would just say "but what about this...". I search and go through past posts to try to understand things better for those that I'm not familiar with.

    Maybe there may be some ebayers that are just trying to earn some $$ and unknowingly sell fake bags. Perhaps labeling everything they sell as fake is inaccurate and the more accurate thing is to say that they are UNRELIABLE. but honestly as a buyer, i'm fine if someone says item X from Seller A is fake because the Seller has sold fake bags (intentionally or unintentionally) in the past. If a seller cannot be relied on to sell only authentic items then it is obviously not the place to buy for ppl who only want authentic items.

    I don't know you and this is not personal at all but my question is why are you so heated and mad about this? Have your items been called fakes? If you have a good reason to defend your product then i'm sure you can tell the potential buyers or give in your 2cents on the authenticate this board on what an authenticator may have missed. but if you don't have any reasons to give other than to want your buyers to believe that yours are real then this really isn't the place or way to try to convert ppl into believing that.

    I think most of us are working towards the same goal of differentiating real from fake so let's appreciate each other and the time they others give to make this forum work. :yes: