The Postman Always Rings Twice on a Friday the 13th ;O)


Jun 9, 2008
Brighton, UK
Oh dear lord they are so stunning I literally want to start weeping at my desk!!!!

Dani if you don't hurry up with those modelling pics then I might hyperventilate and die. So hurry up please. Thanks. :P

Seriously though - they are utterly, heartbreakingly, ....gaaaahhhhh... *can't think of another word meaningful enough to fit here* stunningly beautiful. I would kill for those as my wedding shoes, I really would. :ninja:

Lady Vee

Aug 8, 2008
Dany - what part of me endlessly saying PLEASe buy a truly disgusting pair of CL's so we can all stop fainting every time you buy some did you not get? LOL

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD PLEASE ADOPT ME!!!!!!!! I have ruined the carpet AGAIN with drool. I am very well behaved and will help take care of your shoes????? I will start the adoption process, you have a think LOL