The Portobello & Sully "fraternal twins" Club!

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  1. I thought I'd start a club for those of us who have (or WANT!) the Portobello and the Sully-- the two beautiful fraternal twin LV hobos!
  2. I'll be legit soon!! :smile:
  3. This is a good way to compare the two bags and discuss!! I hope to join next week :smile:
  4. I hope to be in next week, too!
    Getting to LV is going to be a hassle, I might order online.
    I'm also getting the gold facettes LV charm for them- They're both kind of plain, and I think it will be a nice little pop on them, but not to overbearing to take away from their prettiness.
    Got the Portobello, can't wait for the Sully!!!

    Funny how Sully was never even on my radar until I got Portobello and started seeing the comparisons!
  5. I have the gold facet on mine as well but I also use the rainbow charm..
  6. I just got the Portobello gm and Delightful gm on Thursday and love both of them. My Problem now is I think I want the Sully. Should I change my delightful for sully or keep the delightful.
  7. I have the delightful MM and I have to say that I do like it, but the base is so wide. I find myself hitting door jams and walls because it sticks out on me so I hardly use it anymore because I don't want to nick the vachetta pipping or scratch the canvas. With the Portobello it has the slouch look without the wide base so it sits snug to the body which I am assuming the Sully will do too. I would get the Sully! In fact, I am getting the Sully. lol :smile:
  8. Hmmm this is a tough one. Do you have any doubts about the delightful? Are you ok with the open top? The GM is muuuuch bigger than the Sully.
  9. LOL you did it!!! Thank you!

    So I am joining this club:


    In LVoe with my Portobello PM and Sully MM
  10. I had the Delightful PM and actually sold it for my Sully MM. I also had issues with the wide base sticking out and really wanted zipper closure (although I learned about zip-up purse organizer after I sold it).

    But I guess it depends on preference on size, if you plan to hold alot, delightful gm will definitely hold more than sully mm. I just love the slouch of the sully and portobello :smile:
  11. OMG I couldn't take it anymore!! Just ordered my Sully!!! Eeeekkkk can't wait!!! :biggrin:
  12. Love the pic of your 2 bags together!
  13. Ah!!! Congratulations!!!
  14. :biggrin: Can't wait!!
  15. So this week I'm either ordering a Sully MM or a Chloe Marcie large hobo. I already have the Portobello MM and the artsy MM...and I'm obsessed with the Sully MM! But wondering if the Marcie would add variety?!! Thoughts?