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  1. I am new the Céline brand. It seems like the belt bag is pretty popular these days. If you own one, would you mind sharing the pros and cons?

    I went to the store to try on the three sizes. Nano was too small. It’s ok to fit everyday stuff, in terms of capacity it’s pretty similar to my Alma BB. Micro size, I don’t like the fact that the strap isn’t adjustable. I am only 5”, and the it looks so weird on me with the strap so long. I am considering the mini size, which I can take to work and use it everyday as well.

    But, I am hesitating as it too looks similar to my Mulberry Bayswater - both are the same shape. What do you think?
  2. I own the Mini Belt in Abyss Blue and bought it mainly for school/work and I really like it. If you find the strap too long, people have knotted the strap to shorten it without really damaging anything.

    • Fits iPad pro + daily necessities
    • Shoulder carry (multiple ways to carry really but shoulder carry was the most important aspect for me)
    • Easy to get in and out of - I never really had issues with the buckle but others have needed time to get used to it
    • Secure enough to travel with
    • Fairly under the radar bag for a designer bag and it's not THAT iconic that someone can clock it at a distance and across the work space
    • Entirely leather
    • Entirely leather - can get a bit heavy when fully loaded up but I'm decently used to weight bearing, might be a problem for others
    • Is a more casual bag than other Celine bags - eg. Box
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  3. Thank you so much for providing the pros and cons! I don’t see the Abyss Blue colour on Céline’s website. I did google the colour, it’s very nice! I know people talk about tying a knot to shorten the strap, I personally don’t like that look. But, whatever works. Does Céline do price increase regularly?

    Yes, I am looking for a bag that’s understated, not too eye-catching. Although, I still love my Louis Vuitton purses. I love the Box too, I can’t convince myself with that price tag though.
  4. I have the micro. :heart:

    - The design! I think it's so beautiful and unique yet not overt.
    - The grained leather is quite easy to care for and doesn't scratch easily.
    - The leather is sturdy and holds its shape well, helping to keep the bag's iconic structure.
    - I like the nano and micro sizes (I actually wish there was the nano size when I bought mine as I prefer smaller bags and the micro is my largest bag) which hold a lot as the interior is very simple.
    - The short handle has decent "clearance" so it is easy to carry it on the arm even with thick clothing. Also looks great just hand-held. Then there's the shoulder strap when arms get tired.

    - (The micro strap length is long (I'm 5"4/165cm). I really wish it was shorter like the mini, so this is actually a PRO for the mini!)
    - The bag is heavy even when empty. I have neck and back problems so I'm overly sensitive to the weight of bags.
    - Suede interior can get scratched and dirty more easily
    - Difficult to zip with one hand if full-ish. I usually need to hold the zip tab then zip.
    - This is very minor but I notice that carrying the bag in the crook of the arm with the bag in front slightly strains the the handle as it needs to slightly twist.
    - (No metal feet like the mini)
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  5. I was considering about the micro, but when I tried it on, I immediately knew it was not for me. The strap is way too long (I am only 5”), and I don’t like the idea of tying a knot on the strap to shorten it. I am thinking about the mini size.

    Just wondering have you heard of the Senreve Maestra bag? I am debating whether I should buy the Senreve mini Maestra bag or mini Céline belt bag. They are similar in shape, but at a different price point. Whichever I decide to purchase will be my birthday present for myself :smile:.
  6. Personally, considering Senreve as a brand has only been around since 2016/2017, I’m still holding out to see if the quality and longevity of both bag and brand are really there. And if I’m honest, I’m a bit reluctant to purchase from any brand whose chief form of “selling” themselves is through sponsoring and gifting said bags to youtubers and instagramers. I just find that a bit suss, and i say that as a 90s kid just hitting disposable income level, who is generally their target for these ads. I just find social media people would sell their souls for very little profit, making it harder to trust whatever I hear about the brand.
  7. I see where you’re coming from. I hear you about Senreve giving their bags away to social media influencers for promotion.

    After much consideration, I have decided to get the Céline belt bag in mini. Just unsure which colour yet. Any thoughts?
  8. I'm 5ft short too! :wave:
    I have the Micro size. Here's a photo of me with it for reference.
    The original strap is indeed too long. I use a Fendi Strap You instead. I think you can use any other straps which suits you best.
    I guest the biggest con for me with this bag is it's super heavy when fully loaded! But other than that I don't baby it at all and it's very very durable. 20190902_072249.jpg
  9. Love your dress :smile:. Where did you get it?

    Really? The micro is heavy when fully loaded? I am considering getting the mini, so that’s going to be even heavier. You look taller than 5”, maybe because you got heels on. I am a kitten heels/flats person :smile:. Only wear high heels on special occasions.
  10. Looking to get a new Belt Bag in either the Micro or Mini size. For reference, I'm 5'3" and have a few questions as there are no Celine's in my area so I would have to order online... and now I have an issue with color availability.

    I am interested in the Micro because of the size but it drives me bonkers that it doesn't come with feet! That is the primary reason I would consider getting the Mini, because I love bags that have feet and the ability to wear it cross-body (with the Micro) isn't a big deal to me and in fact I prefer a shoulder length strap (with the Mini). Weight is not a factor because I don't carry a ton in my bag.

    I am based in the US and the color I want is Navy Blue which is only available in the Micro size on Celine's US website. However, on Celine's France website they offer Navy Blue in the Mini. I have already confirmed that they will not ship this to the US.

    Should I:
    1. Buy the Micro in Navy Blue now online paying full price (no tax in my state) as I'm concerned they will stop making the Belt Bag under Hedi in this color combo and cause I want the bag now lol.
    2. Buy the Mini in Navy Blue when I'm in Paris in February, with the VAT refund I would be saving $800... however I planned to get a Chanel in Paris and not sure how the husband would feel if I got two spendy purses (whereas I could space out the purchases now). Again my concern is by February will they get rid of the Belt Bag combo I'm looking for? Would I be settling getting the Micro size now instead of the Mini?
  11. I find it hard to believe the Belt bag as a line will be gone completely by Feb as it hasn't been discontinued for next season? You could you ring ahead before you arrive in Paris and check the Celine stores to see if they have the mini in navy blue. Then you can order the micro from the US site if they don't, but the price difference is pretty significant and you should go for the mini if that is what your heart wants!
  12. By some stroke of luck, I was able to get the Mini Belt Bag in Navy Blue! This combo was not available on the US website (France and other int'l sites only) so I was starting to settle on grey or getting the navy in the Micro size. It must have been meant to be as my Nordstrom was having a Celine pop-up (Celine isn't carried in MN normally) and they had the exact bag I was looking for. I figured it was a sign and scooped it right up. The color is a lot more striking in person.

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  13. Beautiful! Some matches are just meant to be!