The Poppy Maddy

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  1. The Poppy the Maddy wants you all to know that she is just as beautiful as the electric blue Maddy. Full of fire and vibrance, :heart: she has energy, passion, and gets noticed. She and her sisters are eager to live at your house. She is in a little box at your local Choo boutique and wants to travel! . Please don't disappoint her :graucho:

    poppymadddy copy.jpg
  2. STOP THAT!:nuts::love:
  3. I just went to the jc web site and they say the sand Mahala and sand Maddy are $1301.00 so I went to purchase the Maddy and the regulare price comes up 1595? What's with that?
  4. ^ JM - that just happened to me, too. Poppy is sold out at the site, but give Casey a call, I'm pretty sure it was ordered for the US boutiques. As to why the Choo site's advertised price doesn't agree with the shopping basket...All I can say is afterall...nuff said.
  5. This afternoon I called Casey at the Choo in Chicago and she said they received a shipment it was Poppy the Maddy and her twin sisters.

  6. Taxes and duties are added on. Regardless of where you live. :cursing:
  7. Spectacular bag Jburgh :nuts:

    I think I would love her "Big Sister" but I must be good:hysteric:

    (for now:sneaky:)

  8. I'm sure Poppy would thank you. She was feeling a little ignored, what with all that attention being given to Electric Blue. Poppy is here and ready to add the type of excitement to your life that only a red bag can do.
  9. Poppy is Gorgeous!
    I love you bag - beautiful!
  10. Thank you. She is gorgeous, but she is not mine. I have her big sister, Poppy the Mahala.

    Apparently, Poppy the Maddy has been hearing everyone ooh and aah about Electric Blue, and didn't want all the Maddy seekers (that's you - jmcadon!) to overlook her. :girlsigh:
  11. That is one gorgeous color! For all you Maddy/Mahala lovers out there, I don't see how you could possibly pass up that bag! :girlsigh:
  12. I've been eyeing her on NAP, I'm still hoping the purple will go on sale at, but the more I see this color...jburgh, you are bad, bad, bad!:noggin:
  13. jmcadon - Poppy would like you to know that besides looking at herself in the mirror, one of her favorite colors is purple. She would like you to bring her AND a purple friend home!
  14. That poppy has been very very tempting to me too...but electric blue is gorgeous too! There were just too many fab colors this year!
  15. God this color is sipmly stunning!