The Poor Man Buys Twice - When Less is More

  1. I have a good friend who, when shopping always says "The Poor Man Buys Twice". In his wisdom, he believes that when we don't buy the items of our dreams in the first place, we end up buying over and over again and end up spending more money than we would have if we bought the thing we really wanted.

    I seem to always be making shopping lists of all the things I want, without really thinking about the one item I really want that would surpass all else and satiate my appetite with perfection. Perhaps not forever, but for about a decade, rather than just a few months.

    I have an immense walk in robe, and yet I yearn for a streamlined well-edited collection of a handful of pieces that are just right and always make me feel like a million dollars!

    It reminds me of an interview with Valentino where he said that his mother taught him that it was better to only buy four pieces each year that are perfection than to buy 20 and have a lot of rubbish.

    With that preamble in mind, I have decided to take up the challenge! It is going to be difficult but worth it a million times over. It is incredibly liberating to make a list of those items which would really really hit the spot, and forget about everything else. Perfection requires discipline above all else.

    Who wants to join me? I'd love to hear your lists!

    My Style

    The Bag:
    Hermes Crocodile Kelly in Poudre 32cm

    The Watch:
    Gold Cartier Lanieres Tank in Rose Gold with Burgundy Silk Strap

    The Shoe:
    Manolo Blahnik Carolyn in Beige

    The Outfit:
    Camel Suit with Fur Collar

    The Jewel:
    Earclips with detachable chandeliers that double as brooches and clip onto a gold cuff bracelet, design inspired by Asprey

    My Luggage:
    Alize 24 Heures Overnight Bag and Briefcase

    Check on my attached montage for a visual taster, hope you enjoy! (Thanks goes out to all the websites for sources)

    Wish me luck on my mission!
    Ultimate Style Montage.JPG
  2. Anna Bella - You have my cyber support and am with you :yahoo:

    I agree with your friend and also know exactly what you mean. Fortunately, this has been my philosophy as well. So, don't have much left to add. I adore lists and strategies :love:

    Here's what's left:

    Hermes Birkin Togo 35cm with G/H or Kelly black box 32cm Rigide (I think).
    a couple more classic Chanel shoes.
    4 ct total stud earings

    Oiy, now that I have this written down, I think this will take some years to achieve with the first and last items :crybaby:
  3. I guess you just have to know what you want first, then figuring out how to get it is easier ...

    I like your Hermes selections! Tough choice ...

    Those studs will set you back a bit under $25K ... ( ) but the bag comes in at the bargain price of around $8K ...

    Therefore they can be yours in around three years for about $250 a week ...

    Hope that's inspiring!

    And Chanel shoes are always tempting ... the beige and black two tone shoes, either in ballet or slingback or pump seem to go with everything. It's hard to pick the ONE item that really hits the spot ... but fun to try!
  4. Interesting concept...B]
  5. I totally agree with this shopping philosophy and have been practicing it for a while now - although on a less luxurious level.
    I just try to not buy crap that I see day to day and concentrate on buying the best basics I can afford and designer accessorieson.
    In the end, I have less things, but they are better quality.
  6. I don't have a list, per se, but I do believe in what your friend says "The poor woman buys twice" describes me exactly.

    Sometimes I'll pass up a beautiful xxxxxxx <---fill in the blanks, and then I'll spend several times more that amount buying "lookalikes" to try and fill the void that my yearning for the original item has caused.

    Luckily, I've realized that, and have corrected my ways. Now I only buy the best (still at a great bargain, of course!) or not at all. I've stopped buying $10 tops and "playtime" handbags and shoes and have focused only on designer or quality, or not at all.
  7. I have been wanting and trying to do this but then I get scared that I only have 4 shirts, 1 pair of pains, etc. once I clean away all the so-so stuff.

    Also, I've been kiking myself a lot lately because I say "I really wish I would have just spent the money on X even though it was expensive" and now I can't find it and bought 3 tops instead of X that don't work well on me.

    I just cleaned my closet out and a lot of the stuff I hardly wore and I wasted a ton of money I could have spent on better things that fit better, look better, etc... thank for reminding me of what matters.
  8. I think that this is the best approach for someone who can really afford the time and money that it takes to seek out those perfect pieces and care for them, but I'm not quite there yet! I still buy disposable clothes because they are cheaper for one and I don't have to worry about caring for them for a lifetime. When I'm more settled in my career and life, I hope to me much more selective about my wardrobe.
  9. I LOVE your choices, especially the MB's and the camel suit.

    I do this to a certain extent. But I am a stay at home mom so most of my clothes are just hang out at home stuff. I need to be comfortable. But for going out, I am buying more nice stuff. I had two babies in three years so I was waiting for my baby weight to go away and now that it has, I can have some fun. I have a few new pairs of Manolos. Can't post pics from the Neiman site but they are the white, flat patent skimmers. I also bought a pair of white MB thongs sandals. I also bought a gorgeous Etro outfit with a silk top and some TSE stuff that I love. That was a good start and should carry me through the summer.
  10. Ha, what a great post! It inspires me to buy less mediocre items and splurge only occasionally for better items. I am curious to know how many people agree with this, though, and can it help save more in the longrun, or is it just an excuse to shop for designer items... are they really that much better?

    I would love to think so. I am tired of having too much stuff!
  11. I would also think you need to have great self-discipline when shopping, and really hold back before purchasing something for an idea like this to really work.
  12. Wow! Love this thread, Anna Bella. I am just going through this exercise as I start my wardrobe spring cleaning. I have a ton of stuff, but still find myself standing in front of my closet whining, "I don't have anything to wear!" It's ridiculous. For me, it's not about buying only designer pieces, but more about only buying things that I absolutely love and that integrate seamlessly into my wardrobe, style and life. It's not going to be easy, and I agree with the poster upthread who brought up the discipline required to make this work. Good luck to all of us!
  13. Gosh, I wish I had the discipline. :sad:
  14. What a great thread. I will have to think long and hard about what my favourites would be but I do agree that less is more..if you get my drift.
  15. My mother,and I have that same idea. I used to own 32432 pairs of junior's denim,324243 cute tee's,and 34343 fun bags. Two years ago I began to purchase better quality jeans,and shirts. My wardrobe has become much nicer,and more well rounded!