The Poor Little Dog!

  1. No wonder Glamour Magazine posted this as a caption:

    Don’t transfer your style wishes on a poor, innocent pet. This is a major Don’t!
  2. Good gosh, who does that? A nice little sweater is great, but the dye?
  3. :wtf: poor doggie
  4. I remember there was a reality show(can't think of the name) that had 2 poodles Blue and pink! kind of strange. Not sure why anyone would do this.
  5. UGH! Not attractive at all...
  6. That poor pup. People are so thoughtless.
  7. That is not a good look! My great grandmother was kind of crazy though and had a mini poodle that she dyed every week to match her mood!!!
  8. Poor dog! :tdown:
  9. Thats not very considerate. Looks like a dog escaped from a juicy couture photo shoot!
  10. Oh no! Do Not! Do Not!!
  11. I've seen this on TV too. People just do it for fun.
  12. I don´t see the point of dying your dog
  13. Some people are outright idiots :nogood:.
  14. Poor little thing!

    I cannot understand why people have the desire to do this!
  15. That is just awful!!!