The pomme inclusion bracelet is tiny

  1. Today I saw all the pomme d'amour inclusion products, which included the bracelet, speedy inclusion keychain, and some hair barettes. The bracelet is smaller than any of the other inclusion bracelets. Its so small I can't even fit my hand through it! :cursing:

    Anyone else seen the pomme inclusion products yet?
  2. Really, it's smaller? Hmm :s I haven't seen the new inclusion colors yet. That's strange if LV just randomly decided to make the bracelet smaller. I really want a GM in pomme d'amour :shame:
  3. sorry but that makes me excited.. i've tried all the other colors of inclusion and they were always too big for me.. maybe this time i can get one that fits :biggrin: im calling my SA tomorrow to get on the list!
  4. If it's small Im' glad b/c every other bracelet is way tooo big on me. Maybe I can get one that fits!!
  5. I'd like to know if the pomme bracelet fits most of the people here, or if I'm just big-boned! :p
  6. Yeah, I agree, those of us with small hands/wrists are stoked!
  7. Same thing w/ me! My bracelets ALWAYS fall off! :push:
  8. i want the ring!
  9. me too :push: i bought a tiffany cuff in the smallest size and it flings right off my wrist without any effort :cursing:
  10. maybe that would fit me...does that mean you couldn't help yourself and went into LV after your interview?!?!
  11. Yes! :p You can read about it in the other thread!

    Its actually good that I went because they finally had a box for my wapity (which I bought August 31st)!
  12. Ohh, I'm looking forward to this. :smile: The other inclusion bracelets have just slipped off my hand.
  13. Oooh another item to lust after!
  14. really..the other ones barely fit me. I guess don't have to think about these anymore then
  15. Oh that's great! They are usually too small for me!