The Pomme D'amour Club!

  1. Come on ladies, show us your apples of love! :yahoo:

    (Don't have one yet, but would love to see a thread of all the wonderful goodies that everyone has!)
  2. small agenda...

    dying for a bedford though :love:
  3. Lol..won't have mine until I get my heart coin purse on the first. I might get a Brentwood but meh. I really can't wait for the coin purse.

    Pretty agenda, by the way!!!
  4. My new Zippy Wallet~

  5. I just want to reach into my computer and grab it! :nuts::love:
  6. Very yummy!!
  7. Here are my new Zippy Wallet and 4 Key Holder. I love this color!!!
  8. Aww. I want to be a part of this club. *Looks through window* Soon, hopefully.
  9. [​IMG]

    Here's mine!
  10. ooohhhh....:drool: imma be in this soon :graucho:!

  11. Here's my new cles
    today's purchases.jpg
  12. All of them lovely!!!
  13. I have a clés too!
  14. Love them all!
  15. sooo gorgeous! looks like the zippy wallet in this color will be my first vernis piece! see ya all here soon!!! .... hopefully... :p