The (Pochette) Metis Club

  1. Wow! This bag is gorgeous!!! And soo functional too!! The Perfect Cross Body!! :love:

    (My plan was to buy my first Azur bag this summer, now I'm really torn, do I really need two more bags...? This is gonna be a hard decision....) :crybaby:
  2. Thanks for your photos ..such a great size. Does anyone know if it is coming in leather?
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    I will post it as soon as my mom is back from travel in a few days. Actually, it looks very classy without strap when holding it.

    IMO, Azur is absolutely for summer. It reflects the images of sand, beach, breeze and summer sun. While mono is all-time-classic. Love both, too. Hope there would be Metis in Azur !!!!

    Since there's gonna be leather version of Metis Hobo coming in next few months so it's not too far for Pochette Metis. Let's see. (info
  4. I love the bag on you. I went buy the Favorite MM this week but my SA talked me into buying the Pochette Metis. LOVE it. I love the versatility of able to use it casually as a cross body bag and a clutch for more evening use.
  5. Can someone post pics of the bag used as a clutch?
  6. A very random question, but I was wondering if you can fit a regular sized water bottle in the bag?
  7. I'm pretty sure that you can't put a plastic bottle I this pochette, sorry (T,T)
  8. Here it is :smile: I stole it from my mom again >.<
    It's totally different when you carry it with top vachetta strap, very classy. Sorry about my veiny big hands :p
  9. I put a reg. bottle in mine. It fit, but it made it look very bulging.
  10. I know. I am sitting here kicking myself for selling my Monceau a few years ago. :sad:
  11. Joining in! Great crossbody and unexpected purchase for me.
    image-1086486328.jpg image-2608716224.jpg image-1434268153.jpg image-2515880960.jpg image-877949702.jpg

  12. What a cute bag with adorable coin purse !
    Never thought they get along so well together, how creative you are, awesome !!!!
  13. Thank you! I mostly put it on there because i bought them the same day, but I probably won't wear them together IRL.
  14. Have u tried a regular ipad by any chance? My ipad has the exact same measurments as the bag, so I am assuming if these are outer diameter measurments it won't fit, but if they are inner diameter, it may..
  15. iPad does not even come close to fitting.