The (Pochette) Metis Club

  1. I bought a Pochette Metis today and thought that these bags deserve their own clubhouse :smile:.
  2. Please share some modeling pic with us :smile:
  3. I agree ..would love to see this bag:smile:
  4. --Same here--let's see it! Sounds fun...
  5. I will post some pics asap, but the bag is currently in my suitcase because I'm driving back to college tomorrow (which is kind of depressing). Stay tuned :smile:.
  6. Still waiting .......
  7. Saw this bag in person today! Tried it on and look a bit small for my huge body frame. Overal is a very nice bag. It can also be carry as clutch for night(without the strap).
    I was so tempting....maybe i should reconsider...hmmm..
  8. Will a full sized wallet fit in this bag? I am ry interested in it!!
  9. Yes! It's a very nice bag. And also easy to access in and out...
  10. My SA just talked me into the metis pochette and it will be shipped to me on Monday overnight. Please post pictures when you can. She is sending it along with the 3 illustre keychains and the new key chain in the picture.

    I said I would never purchase another keychain and look what I just did! I could not resist the one in the picture. Just too cute.

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  11. I see what you mean, this keychain is just too adorable. Now I'm really curious to see it on the Metis pochette. Can't wait to see a modeling picture.
  12. The Metis Pochette looks so elegant and unique, I like the that it has little vechetta. Would love to see what fits inside the Metis Pochette? And some modelling photos plz ? : )
  13. I love it, you look beautiful!!! What a nice present for your birthday.
    Is the strap not too thin? Is it comfortable.
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  14. That top vachetta is a handle right?