The POCHETTE Club!!!

  1. IMO the best handbag style ever made!! Please feel free to post yours!
  2. Wow, Jackie!!
    That's a lot of Pochettes there!:nuts:
  3. ^^Its lonely in need to add your epi pochette Khoi! hehe
  4. Here's MINES...:biggrin:


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  5. i loooove ur background :love:

  6. I will add pics of my cerises, panda & CB soon!
  7. Here are mine..
    (I'll be adding the blue denim mini pleaty soon and the gold and silver Miroir ones when they come out :yahoo: )

  8. Jackie,

    Don't you have a Panda pochette too?
  9. Lvbabydoll, you have the cuttest things, :heart: the panda:girlsigh:
  10. Thanks! :flowers:
  11. lovely pochettes everyone:love:
    my one and only pEaChiE!! :angel:

  12. Wow you guys have great pochettes! I just have one and I am so babying it!! I purchased it from 1-866-Vuitton a few weeks ago. I have not used it yet, but hope to soon. :P
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  13. Thanks Rensky...:heart:
  14.'s still in it's cute little box...:smile:
  15. :supacool:
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