The pleasure to choose greater than the pleasure to own?...What do you think?

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  1. Personally I just love the time before buying a new bag.(not talking of impulse buys that I can be guilty of as well)

    Time of planning, putting money aside, considering various styles, designers, colors, asking advice here, going to the shops, trying on etc...:drool:
    I just love that time, the time when "everything" is still possible.

    My next bag purchase can't be before automne, as a sahm and mother of 3 I need to plan my purchases and even if I would like to buy more and more often I would not want to miss this period of joyful anticipation.:yes:

    It's not really the hunt since I am not an avid collector of rare bags but rather the possibility to choose I think.

    What do you guys think???
  2. I totally agree. Also mum of 3 but work part-time, also waiting (or trying to curb my impulsiveness) until autumn or the new year before buying another new bag. The anticipation and pondering really is the best bit for me! once I have a new bag I'm already contemplating my next purchase - and always seeking that 'perfect' bag which will serve every function (not sure it exists!!)
  3. Wow! I am all over the board when it comes to bags. Usually I am a great impulse buyer and I love every bag that I buy. But I have stalked a great Kooba for many months of planning and deliberation, and I finally bought her, and that was an ordeal for me, too.
  4. I agree as well. I love looking at the different styles and figuring out which one will be next. Learning from previous mistakes. I like planning it all out and finding the best deal. The anticipation is so much fun!!
  5. I love the anticipation while I am waiting to afford/trying to justify to myself another bag!!! :p And the excitement on the day you are going to get the bag is like a's almost better than having the bag in your hands at the end of the day!!!
  6. I totally agree.. .. for me, the hunt.. the anticipation.. I like to call it my pursuit of happiness.. because no matter how much I like the bag, there is always something I think will make me happier just around the corner.. the nostalgia wears off fast.. for me atleast.