the Pinkies Club~

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  1. I could find a pink bag club, only a bubblegum pink club; so here you go~ post it away!! Anything pink will do!!
    Allow me, featuring my first pink bag every!! Rose Bruyere aka Ms. Rose from SS2012 with mini rose gold
    DSC01232s.JPG IMAG3182s.jpg IMAG3183s.jpg PT_rggh 5.jpg
  2. I think this is Rose Thulian (looks exactly like a raspberry, reddish pink).
  3. My Cyclamen City RGGH and Vieux Rose Classic City belong here!:smile: both from 2011!

  4. [​IMG]

    Just got this last night. Giant 21 City in Parme :biggrin: (It was quite hard to capture the true colour.)
  5. My pinkies :smile: Rose Bruyere, Cyclamen & Rose Thulian
    image-1975467511.jpg image-4243667490.jpg image-1519663547.jpg
  6. Very very pretty!
  7. Thanks Yikkie ;)
  8. Wow, I like your Work~ so pretty!
  9. Thanks Honeylicious, I love your RB PT with rggh...perfect combination ;)
  10. For rose thulian owners is it hard to match your wardrobe with this bag?
  11. Not at ... Outdoor, the RT color is like a watermelon red so it's easy to match with any color :smile:
  12. so gals, for those of you who have a rose bruyere.. how is your bag holding up?
  13. My lovely pink... Rose Bruyere mRGGH City :love:
  14. ooh, cupcakegirl, how's your RB holding up? I sold my PT, find the colour didn't work with the style, still really love this colour though.. thinking to get something smaller, like a town?